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                            Chapter 1 Incubation: A Law of Faith
Foreword by Robert Schuller
Chapter 2
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hapter 6 God’s Address
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This book is dedicated to the many people who are seeking, searching, and
to find and walk a consistent
road of faith in their Christian lives.

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about God, and the Word of God which God uses to impart faith about specific
circumstances into a man’s heart. It is this latter type of faith which brings
In the Greek language there are two different words for ‘word,’ and

. The world was created by the Word, , of God. is the general
Word of God, stretching from Genesis to Revelation, for all these books directly
or indirectly tell about the Word, Jesus Christ. By reading the from
Genesis to Revelation you can receive all the knowledge you need about God
and His promises; but just by reading you do not receive faith. You have
received knowledge and understanding about God, but you do not receive faith.

Romans 10:17 shows us that the material used to build faith is more than just
reading God’s Word: “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of
God.” In this scripture ‘word’ is not , but . Faith specifically comes
by hearing the .
In his Greek lexicon Dr. Ironside has defined as “the said word of
God,” and as “the saying word of God.” Many scholars define this action
of as being the Holy Spirit using a few verses of Scripture and quickening
it personally to one individual person. Here is my definition of : is
a specific word to a specific person in a specific situation.

Once in Korea a lady by the name of Yun Hae Kyung had a tremendous
youth meeting on Samgak Mountain. She had a great ministry. When she stood
up and people came forward, they would fall down, slain under the power of the
Holy Spirit. Many young people would flock to her meetings, and when she held
a youth campaign on Samgak Mountain, thousands of young people came to join
During the week of the youth campaign it rained heavily, and all the rivers
overflowed. A group of young people wanted to go to the town on the opposite
side of the river, where the meetings were being held. But when they came to the
bank of the river, it was flooded. There was not a bridge or a boat to be seen, and
most of them became discouraged.
But three girls got together and said, “Why can’t we just wade through the
water? Peter walked on the water, and Peter’s God is our God, Peter’s Jesus is

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our Jesus, and Peter’s faith is our faith. Peter believed, and we should do all the
more. We are going to go over this river!”
The river was completely flooded, but these three girls knelt down and held
hands together, quoting the scriptures containing the story of Peter walking on
the water, and they claimed they could believe in the same way. Then, in the
sight of the rest of their group, they shouted and began to wade through the

Immediately they were swept away by an angry flood, and after three days
their dead bodies were found in the open sea.
This incident caused repercussions throughout Korea. Non-Christian
newspapers carried the story, making headlines of it: “Their God Could Not
Save Them;” “Why Did God Not Answer Their Prayer of Faith?” So unbelievers
had a real heyday as a result of this occurrence, and the Christian church
experienced a slump, feeling depressed and discouraged, having no adequate
This became a topic of discussion all over Korea, and many previously good
Christians lost their faith. They would say, “These girls believed exactly as our
ministers have taught; they exercised their faith. From the platform our pastors
constantly urge the people to boldly exercise their faith in the Word of God.
These girls did just that, so why didn’t God answer? Jehovah God must not be a
living God. This must just be a formalistic religion we have been involved in.”
What kind of answer would you give to these people?

Those girls had believed. They had exercised faith based on the Word of
But God had no reason to support their faith. Peter never walked on the
water because of , which gives general knowledge about God. Peter
required that Christ give a specific word to him: Peter asked, “Lord, if you are
Jesus, command me to come.”
Jesus replied, “Come.”
The word Christ gave to Peter was not , but . He gave a specific
word, “Come,” to a specific person, Peter, in a specific situation, a storm.

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