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and destroys everyone and the earth. The people who are doing this are playing God,
when they are simply not God. They can not destroy something that God has
created, it is not theirs to destroy. Perhaps God told them to do this, I may never
know. Perhaps God wrote LORD God into the Bible to be a kind of safe guard against
those who would not recognize who their creator was and follow him, thus they would
follow the illusion instead and be destroyed by it. However but the few things that
God did say were stated in Genesis Chapter 1, as “And God said...”. I know I am free
as God created me free and gave me dominion over all the earth.

I want to be free of all financial and governmental interference in my life. I am not a
slave and I do not consent to be controlled by fiction. I have been given the divine
power by God to have dominion over every living thing upon the earth, as per
Genesis Chapter 1:28. You are appearing before me on the earth as a person and
thus have changed your status to that of a living thing rather than a man created by
God. According to God, I have dominion over you and everyone who appears before
me being something other than a man or woman created by God upon the earth. If
you believe that I am in error over this let me know how and why. Thus I want you to
provide me with a way of paying for or obtaining anything I deem that I need to live
and help do what God has asked me to do according to Genesis Chapter 1. I want to
live in peace and bring about peace through what God has asked of me. I want to rid
the earth of fear, based on illusions of authority and outright manipulation. I want to
be able to travel anywhere upon earth unmolested and unharmed.

I do not exist in the imaginary world and I do not have an address, nor do I have a
name, all I know is my creator described me as being a man. Thus all I can do in this
situation is give you information in your world, which I make use of out of necessity
of life, for now. You may contact me through,


123 somewhere St.

Edmonton, AB Txx xxx

- SIN xxx xxx xxx

c/o Phone: xxx xxx-xxxx Home

xxx xxx-xxxx Cell

I go by the calling of Rob. Francis is a Scottish Sir Name in the imaginary world of
Countries, family tradition. Do not confuse my willingness to respond to a name or


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