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Enduring Space
March, 2012

The Elephant in God’s Living Room

Clergy Sexual Abuse and Institutional Clericalism:
Volume One: Theoretical Issues

Ruth Elizabeth Krall

This manuscript may be downloaded and used for classroom use by
undergraduate or graduate students and their faculty. It may also be
downloaded and used by congregations, denominations, and other
religious institutions in continuing education activities. Finally, it may
be downloaded and used by individuals who wish to inform
themselves about matters of clergy and religious professional abuse.

In none of the above situations, should this manuscript be sold or
traded in any way for economic profit.

The author’s intention is to make this information widely available to
all individuals who are interested in its content. Therefore, while the
material has been copyright protected, it is offered to a wide variety of
religious communities for their use in studying clergy sexual abuse
and clericalism.

Includes bibliographic references

1) Clergy Sexual Abuse – 20
Century, United States

2) Religious Institution Clericalism – 20

Century, United States
3) Violence Typologies: Public Health, Social Sciences, and Religious

4) Individual, Collective and Transpersonal Consciousness
5) Betrayal Trauma
6) Sexual Victimization Trauma
7) Religious Authoritarianism and the Duty to Obey
8) Forgiveness Models and the Duty to Forgive

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