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1. Speech by Vice-Chairman Hussain of the Revolutionary Council of Iraq at
the opening of the Conference of Arab Foreign and Economic Ministers held

in Baghdad. [Excerpts]19

Baghdad, March 27, 1979.

And now, brothers, you are meeting in order to implement the resolutions
adopted by the summit conference, since these were suspended, pending
signature of a peace treaty by the President of Egypt. In fact, he signed it

It is up to you to prove to the Arab nation and the world that the

resolutions of the Summit of Kings and Presidents were not merely ink on
paper, but genuine, sincere and basic. The nation expects you to implement
these resolutions fully and sincerely without the existence of two policies, one
declared and another secret.

Therefore, brothers, although we differed regarding an assessment of Sadat

before the signing of the treacherous treaty of peace with the enemy, we ought
not to differ now. By signing the treaty of peace, Sadat has betrayed our trust,
betrayed our sovereignty and betrayed our sacred and noble values.

Sadat’s policy is not merely one of abandoning a simple duty but one of
abandoning all noble values, including divine values, a basic part of which is
embodied on earth in Holy Jerusalem. Sadat’s position is not that of a
powerless weakling who gave in to a more powerful enemy, but of one who has
sunk into the abyss consciously and willingly. He has allied himself with the
enemy against the Arab nation, its rights, sovereignty and sanctities. There¬
fore, we ought not in any way remain silent before this treachery and this act
inimical to the nation. Rather, we ought to do all we can to safeguard our
rights, dignity and future generations.

The entire Arab nation and the whole world must come to feel that the
policy of Sadat has isolated him from the rest of the Arabs — that he represents
only himself. This will come about only when the resolutions specified by the
summit conference are implemented... As we affirmed before, these are
minimal resolutions. We call upon all those willing and able to adopt more
stringent positions to do so without hesitation, for by doing so they will
increase the nation’s dignity and power.

It is our duty to the Arab nation, brothers, to make it clear to those who
have supported and encouraged Sadat, as well as those who made light of the
Arab nation’s will and decisions, that their action will not prevail without
adversely affecting their interests.

The USA, brothers, has pushed matters in this direction and to this end. It
knows fully that it is acting against the will, the interests and the dignity of the

19 Al-Thawra, Baghdad, March 28, 1979.

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