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Page 1



"Dedicated to the Art of Cardistry"

............ " . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..... .
This section contains effects
contributed by the following:

Bruce Cervon

Derek Dingle

Larry Tennj_ngs

Tony Kardyro

Milton Kort

John Menard

Charlie Miller

Martin A. Nash

Dave Strong

Paul Swinford

John Thompson


Page 2


- Bruce Cervon

There have been '":18 ny poker dea le and th1 s one w"511 be lost eycept
for one thing .... i. t is for a working performer. I have perfor1ed
it many times each nj_ght at the llagic Castle w1 th great success
It never has to be reset and is always ready to ga . Durtng the
course <?f your routine, you bring in the deck stacked as follows:

1 - 9D 11- x 21- x 31- 4C 41-7D
2 - 9c 12- x 22- x 32- 48 42- OD
~ - 9s 13- x 23- x 33- 4D 43- 8D.
l~ . 9H 14- x 24- x 34- l~H ~4- 5D
5 - 3c ·15- 2c 25- 5c 35- 6C 45- ~D
6 - x 16- x 26- 'H 36- 28 h6- AC
7 - x 17- x 27-lOH; 37- 2D 47- AS
8 - x 19- x 29- JH 39- 2H 49- TC
9 -. x 19- x 29- AH 39- KD 49- JD
i0- 7c 20- 9C 30- KR l.i.11- KS 50- KC

Note: Only 511 cards are used 'n +.he deck.

1. False shuffle and false cut. Deal out 5 ha!lds of regular drew
poker. Show dealer's hand .•• a club flush.. Turn hand #5 down end
place on hand #4, these on #3 and etc. Put the 25 eards tmder the
balance of the deck .

2. Deal 5 hands and dealer gets full house, 3 Kings and a pair of
61 s. Pick up hands in sa·ne rotation es in step 1 and place on
bottom of deck.

~ Deal 5 hands . Dealer gets four 9 1 e. Pick up hands as ;n pre-
vious step and replace on bot+.011 of deck.

4. Deal 5 hands. First hand gets two pelr , second hand gets a
diamond flush, third hand a full house (2's and Ktngs) . fourth hand
gets four 4's and dealer gets a royal flush.

Pick up cards as in set l and by replacing on the bottom of deck, the
cards are in the origi.nal stacked order. Your petter Hne is of
cmurse in dHlinj yourself progressi.vly better hands.






Page 15

gets the Royal Flush.

The hands may be changed to suit the performer. If you want a
Full-house in the 2nd hand, then all that has to be done i.s to
substitute the 2 Queens and the 3 twos for the cards that make
up the straight.


- Martin A. Nash -

To my knowledge this control has never appeared in print before.
This is extremely ea;sy and I use it continually for effects where
I control more than ·one card.

Shuffle the deck, up and crimp the bottom card at lower
left corner. Ribbon spread deck :face-down on table, have a
card selected and gather up remaining cards.

Square cards in hands, swing-cut the top half of deck to the
le~ hand and have the selected card deposited on the half.
Drop right band portion on top. The crimped card is now above
selected card.·

Drop the .entire deck on table, continue with your patter a.nd
shuffle the deck as follows: With the right thumb, lift and
cut all the cards above and including the crimped card and place
on the table to right of the bottom half. Give the cards a .fair
riffle shuffle, but allow the right hand packet to start the
shuffle, (crimped card remains on bottom) and the left hand fin-
ished tpe shuffle which leaves tbe selected card on top; Ribbon
spread deck again on table, have a 2nd card selected, souare up
deck, swing-cut, have card replaced, drop right hand packet on
top, drop on table and shuffle as before. Repeat these actions
for as many cards as reouired

All the selected cards wind up in reverse selection order on
top. Thie method sounds eo easy, and so easy t6 perforn that I
almost feel ashamed to have it described here, except for the
fact that it is so effective.


Page 16


- Martin A. -

Here is a practical at the table deck switch that has been used
by a professional card player I have known for so1ne time. I
have made some changes that will benef1.t the Magician, but the
basic technique has not been altered.

Cut off the top half of an empty card case about 2l inches
for the bottom. Wrap this bottom half with adhesive tape, then
with black felt and attach a small tab to top and botto.n of this
,open end container and secure a safety pin to each tab.

This container with a deck of cards in it (cards will project out
about half their length) is then attached to your shirt on the
right hand side, just right of where a shirt pocket would be,
if there was one on that side.

Even better, if you wear a vest, pin the unit on that for there
will not be as much sway~ If you do wear a vest, rather than
using the "case" described, use the top right pocket of the vest.
A special pocket must now be attached to the inside of the
jacket as follows: Cut a piece of cloth, that will match the
lining of your jacket. The pocket should be about 12 inches long
and 7 inches wide Hem it to the inside of your jacket on the
lower right, so that the center of the pocket is located where the
hip bone is.

Put on the jacket and pin the opening of the special pocket to
your shirt or vest as the case may be. Now if you lean slightly
forward, the pocket will open, makine o large recepticle. At the
table, have prepared deck in either vest pocket or the special
container, faces outward. Holding regular deck in left hand,
rest the back of the hand on the edge of the table so that the
opening of your jacket iQ in direct line with the hand holding the

Now, lean slightly forward (about 3 inches) and then reach
forward with the right hand, fully extending the right


Page 30

one of the face-up cards and put it on top so that if you were
to count from the face of that hand, the hidden face-down Spade
card would be in the 3rd position. Drop these face-up on the
4th hand.

Pick up the 2nd hand, repeat the adding process, ~ove back 2
cards and drop on other hands.

Pick up the lst hand, repeat addition process, move back 3
cards and drop hand face-up on other hands.

What you have done is run up (secretly) the face-down Spade
Royal Flush to every 5th position. In your left hand is the
balance of deck, 1 face -down Spade on top and the balance of
deck face-up. On the table face-up are the 4 poker hands and
in front of you your full-house hand.

Explain that this tirne you will try to run up 2 hands with only
l shuffle and to ma ke things even more difficult and so they
can see the cards are actually shuffled, you wi.11 shuffle the
cards, part of the deck face-up and the other part face-down

Pla ce the 4 poker hand group face-up on top of deck in your
l eft hand, holding a little finger break between them, pjckup
your full-house hand, place face-up on top of all and get a
3rd finger break under the 4th top card .

Gr asp deck with right fingers at front, r ight thumb at back .
e stablish and hold the 3rd finger br eak with the right thwnb
cut all the cards below the little finger break to the top of
t he deck and then all the cards below the right thumb break to
t he top. In other words, a double undercut .

Get a little finger break under the top card, double undercut
it to the bottom, give the deck one push-through false-shuffle.

Your 5 spade cards (Royal Flush) is now run-up. Deal out 5
poker hands rather ouickly, everyone's cards come out face-up
except your hand which comes out face-down.
Say, "Isn't it remarkable that I got the only face-down


Page 31

ca.rds" ••• spread the balance of the deck along the table and
say, "Isn't it amazing that the rest of the deck has righted
itself ••• and that my 5 face-down cards is a Royal Flush."

If you did this right one of the players will receive the
3 Kings in his hand and that is the reason that you 1nentioned
you would run up 2 bands with one shuffle.


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