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Books by Brent Weeks



Page 520

You’ve allowed me to connect with my fans—and still have time to write. Thank
you thank you thank you.

I’m afraid I’ve rewarded the friends and family who tolerated many email
updates over the years (how many words can you use to say “still no book
sale”?) by being so busy in the last two years that I hardly ever update them at
all. If you were in the first acknowledgments, thank you again.

Cody L., your enthusiasm is better than coffee. Shaun and Diane M., thank
you for your wise counsel and friendship. Scot and Kariann B., thanks for the
trips to Red Robin every time we sold a foreign right. (Italy, huzzah!) Dr. Jacob
K., thanks for awesome impromptu lectures, gentle translation corrections, and
“promachos.” Thank you to Dr. Jon L., who once said, “Wouldn’t it be cool if
instead of [genre trope], the hero [inverse of genre trope]?” That seed niggled at
me for years, Jon. I have since found the very good reasons why more writers
haven’t done that—and had a blast doing it anyway. Thank you to Seiei, who
changed this whole book with a couple of tweets. Thank you Nate D., for genius
brainstorming, and Laura J. D., for insights into two things I will probably never
truly understand: women, and being incredibly fit. Any errors in this book are

Thank you Rockstar Energy Drink. Those years you took off my life were
probably the bad ones anyway.

And last, thank you to you unshakably curious readers who read
acknowledgments though you aren’t looking for your name. What, the book
wasn’t long enough for you? Go on, get outta here and go tell someone, “You
gotta read this! No, really. C’mon, there’s a maa-aap.”

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