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I was welcomed by my black pet, jumped towards me, gave him a pat,
with no sign of my father. I went to the kitchen and started mincing
some spices, chopping some pork; the aroma of what I was cooking
filled the air, making my dark companion show-off his existence,
drooling over the food I was trying to prepare but his interruption
made it hard, especially when he tried to jump on me. "Don't worry,
bud. You'll eat later." He pleaded with his pout as he seemed to
understand the word "later". I rolled my eyes and gave him a fish
from the fridge. I continued what I was doing and finished it rather

"Oh! That smelled good!" a loud voice from the living room echoed,
footsteps created sforzandos as it entered the kitchen. "Hey, dad.
Dinner's ready." I announced. "Good timing. My stomach's been
demanding these days!" my dad exclaimed while reaching for the
serving spoon. "You mean forever?" Ignoring my interjection to his
proclamation, he savored every bite he took; he asked about my first
day at school. I was about to answer but the telephone started
ringing. "I'll get that." He said. Good thing Toothless suddenly
accompanied me when I thought it would be an intimate alone time with
me and my food again; I gave him some bony leftovers. While I was
going to the staircase, Dad interrupted my leisurely walks to my
bedroom, bidding me a good night, continuing his telephone conference
maybe with a faculty member; I replied but he didn't seem to hear me.
I headed to my room and rest for a while.


I felt a tug near my feet; my eyes were sulky but my blanket decided
for a divorce. The cold air embraced my body so I decided to fully
wake up. The one who filed the annulment between me and my comforter
was none other than Toothless, of course. I wore my uniform,
fashioned with an olive scarf, give the black-furred fellow a pat on
his head while he bit my scarf. "Toothless, I need to go." He didn't
let go but he ran away with the green cloth. "Toothless! Come back
here!" He stayed by the piano, wagging his tail, letting go the
scarf. I picked my scarf and I saw my compositions under the pedals.
The paper felt cold; it must have been the wind. I picked them up and
put it on the drawer beside. I gave Toothless another pat. "See you
later, bud." I headed to the conservatory while enjoying the subtle
mist of the morning, the sunrise served as an aria to the cantata's

I went to the room filled by busy chattering of my classmates, and
some playing the piano in an amateur manner. I sat down and saw
Jack's seat empty. I wonder where he went again. The noise stopped
when Mr. Gobber arrived. "Good Mornin' everyone."

"…_a crucial figure in the transition between the Classical and
Romantic era, he remains one of the most famous and influential of
all composers. He's not only known for being deaf, but rather

I looked back expecting to see Jack. Unfortunately, he's nowhere to
be found. While finding him, I caught Astrid looking at me so I
smiled at her and she did the same. My eyes swayed back and forth of
the classroom as my patience was still with me, anticipating for
Jack's attendance.

"…_from the word 'flight'. Johann Sebastian Bach was known to be

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trying to relieve his temper, but more of venting his frustration
towards me, of what I had done. "I-I-I'm… sorry, dad. I just-" I
tried to reason out but my throat was soaked by hiccups of my
sniveling. My father sighed, massaging his temple, "Let's just… go
home." The gravel sounded rather noisy as we took every step to the
parking lot, we were silent than the stones. Driving home, we hadn't
uttered any word. I doze off when my eyes got tired from crying and I
kept on hearing sighs and murmurs from my father. When we got home,
standing in front of the porch, my father unlocked the door, just to
see our home as a mess, with the windows opened, letting the cold
night's breeze enter. The vast man exhaled heavily, walked to his
room while I was left here in the living room. I didn't mind the mess
but something caught my eye: my scratch pads of compositions tainted
with paw prints, literally scratched, scattered all over the place,
while the black dog sleeps soundly._

_ "T-toothless?" I stuttered while he suddenly opened his eyes wide.
"You did this?" Unfortunately, my current mood was part of this
scenario, making it worse. "G-get… get out." I ordered,
disappointed and confused of what I should be feeling but I left this
pent-up frustrations devour me. He did not move but whined, pitying
himself as I see it in his eyes; I escorted him outside. He began
scratching the door, trying to get inside; but I ignored his hollers.
I went upstairs while my footsteps had a conflict of its own: to hide
or to proclaim fury about this vexatious day. As I found myself in my
room, I slammed my weary body unto the bed, letting myself lounge,
not minding the mess I made when I was trying to be dressed to the
nines before the show. I couldn't refrain my tears from pouring
again, as that moment kept on being the neon post-its which
irritatingly brightens my mind; it even outshined that sunny smile of
hers. Lethargy cradled me, stupor visited me, sleep rested upon me
but I spoke too soon as noises of drunken neighbors from outside
interfered. It gained my attention when I heard a familiar wail. I
hurried downstairs, to the porch; I saw him under a flickering light.
"Toothless!" my voice croaked, came to him, fell on my knees in front
of him. "There, there…" I hushed his whimpering and I noticed blood
trails on the floor... and it flabbergasted me. The presence of the
moonlight accompanied the broken street lamps as I observed
Toothless; he was literally toothless. "I-I'm sorry, bud. This…
this is my fault…" When the sun had risen, the summation of pains
from yesterday 'til that midnight still lingered. To play the piano
would just bring me discomfort, matched by troubled thoughts. I
focused more on Toothless; the fragile reminder of my fingertips
never touched the keys of that fancy wood._

"Some drunken guys abused him." Instead of saying the whole thing, I
stated a shorter version nasally.

"What the?!" he reacted.

"Yeah… I just hope they get their just reward."

"Bummer. Well, for a dog, he's very much brave, huh?"

"Well, I'm really lucky having him."

"So! Now that we're hanging out and all, let's go to Lyric." He
proposed while shifting the mood. I nodded.


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