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What About the Bathroom?
Universal Design - Kitchen Storage
Hot Water In a Tiny House
Heating a Tiny Home
Building on Wheels
Tips on Financing a Tiny Home
The ‘Planning’ Phase
Couple Trying Out Tiny House Living
Tumbleweed Cypress Tiny House on Wheels
Family of 4 Living in 207 Sq. Ft. Tiny House
186 Sq. Ft. Modern South African Tiny House
Woman Moves into 186 Sq. Ft. Tiny Home in Vancouver
314 Sq. Ft. Styrodome Tiny Dome Homes
The Wing House: Expanding Shipping Container Home
Yestermorrow Students Design/Build Tiny House for Client
Spacious Park Model Tiny Cabin on Wheels by Rich’s Portable Cabins
288 Sq. Ft. Tiny Cottage in Chatham, MA
Solar Off-Grid Transforming Castle House Truck
280 Sq. Ft. Luxury Tiny House by Chris Heininge Construction
Spacious Tiny House on Wheels by Tiny Idahomes
Tiny Houses on Wheels by Seattle Tiny Homes
93 Sq. Ft. Laundry Room Turned into Tiny House
Hivehaus Modular Tiny Hexagonal Pods
Bus Converted into Cabin with Rooftop Deck
Man Builds Tiny Cabin for $4k in 6 Weeks in the Woods
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Bus Converted into Cabin with Rooftop Deck

If you are seriously considering tiny home living, it is highly possible that you have been inspired
by old large vehicles due to their excellent potential as new homes. Once gutted, it is easy to get
creative and to create a perfect living space on wheels. This bus has been converted into a cabin and
has a very cool rooftop deck. The decoration is groovy and cozy, with a 4 twin beds, making plenty
of sleeping space for a family. The design of this bus home has been enhanced greatly by adding
large windows to all sides for maximum exposure to light.

Source: Freude Von Freuden

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Man Builds Tiny Cabin for $4k in 6 Weeks in the Woods

Built in the bright green trees, this tiny cabin uses the strong posts of live trees to help create a
dream home. The interior is finished with a quaint rustic style with wood shelving and basic
furniture. As seen in most tiny home dwellings the key to living efficiently without feeling cramped
is to learn how to make the best use possible out of your storage space. This might mean hanging
a lot of your kitchen equipment. This home has been built for so cheap because it much of the
material is recycled.

Source: Herrle Custom Carpentry

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Tiny House Listing Directory Resource

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company
“... Through our extensive collection of breathtaking photos, you will develop a recipe for your
perfect home, ingredient by ingredient. See how others have built tiny shelters that accommodate all
the comforts of a traditional home, dive into the oceanic world of tiny architecture, and learn how
you can expand your living space. TINY HOUSE STYLE will feed your appetite for design, help set
your creativity free, and guide you towards the house of your dreams.”

Tiny Living Homes
“... Our homes are built to the same specification as that of a traditional home. We use 2x4 structure
which allows us to use the same appliances as that of a standard home. This certainly helps to give
you that cozy, “homey” feel, and is a step above the flimsy products used in other tiny homes and
RVs. Each tiny home comes complete and equipped with a (rather spacious) full kitchen complete
with fridge, stove top of choice to poach your free range eggs while enjoying the sunny morning
view of the rippling water on lake Kalamalka ... Just kidding ... That part is up to you. You’ll be
finally able to convince your family to come camping with you, as each Tiny Home is equipped with
a full shower and a non-smelly-environmentally-friendly, decomposing toilet! No more runs to the
back of a bush in the middle of the night.”

Valley View Tiny House Company
“...The vision of Valley View Tiny House Company is to help you achieve the tiny house life catered
to your specific needs. We do this by understanding your goals, providing space-maximizing
solutions integrated into your surroundings, encouraging innovative craftsmanship, developing
efficient do-it-yourself resources, and doing our part to help the less fortunate along the way.
Whether your tiny house dreams are a forever home, vacation home, in-law quarters, guesthouse, or
otherwise, we can help.”

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Tiny House Listing Directory Resource

“... designed and manufactured in Spain using local materials and labor. Its technologically
advanced design allows for easy mass production, and therefore lower costs. Its roof and walls pop-
up from its wooden base, which comes with adjustable legs that can adapt to any terrain.” (Website
in Spanish

Wing Houses
...The wing house is a mobile residence or office space that folds into a standard container with
all ISO fittings in place for easy transport. This unit can be placed anywhere with a swinglift and
opened into an 80sqm living or working environment within 4 to 5 hours.

X Dome
... Introducing the most revolutionary building structure that is taking the world by storm. The EPS
personal dome structure is impervious to natural disasters, hurricanes, earthquakes, and the shape
is naturally wind resistant.

Yestermorrow Design/Build School
“...Tiny houses (homes typically between 64 and 300 square feet) are springing up all over the
country -- from Vermont to Oregon to post-Katrina New Orleans -- as well as all over the media
landscape. They are affordable and energy efficient, they reduce materials consumption, cut your
carbon footprint, and they’re cute! A tiny house is perfect for an office, art or writing studio,
children’s playhouse, meditation/yoga space, guest house, or even a fully equipped dwelling.
Yestermorrow is deeply involved with the Tiny House movement and has emerged as a leader in
Tiny House Design/Build. Students can learn in our hands-on courses.”

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