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                            TESLA'S METAPHYSICS AND COSMOLOGY
Prof. Velimir Abramovic, PhD
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likely, he could create a field using ultra high frequency. This field
corresponded to resonance frequencies of disincarnate souls (souls which
have no connection with the body) and thus he became proficient in
visualization techniques of the so-called "astral level of being" for biological
organisms. Calculations in Tesla's records could seem to be insignificant for
modern specialist since they are very simple and can be understood without
additional explanations. Only the mind, which has similar perceptive ability,
can understand them.

The Secret of Tesla's "Fireballs"

Tesla could reproduce complex energy structures in laboratory conditions. He
called them "fireballs". Russian academician Peter Leonidovich Kapiza also
studied them, but he couldn't reproduce them in dirigible kind without
Tesla's resonant transformer. Nowadays physicists (Corum brothers in
America) reproduce some of Tesla's experiments with certain success. They
could create small "fireballs," standing and only three millimeters in
diameter. Tesla produced "ball lightning" (fireballs) the size of a football,
kept them in hands, put them in a box and covered it with a lid, then took
them from the box, and held them in his hands again!!! These fireballs, or
"ball lightning" were almost stable structures, which could be kept for
minutes. Certainly, Tesla knew much more about this phenomenon than
modern science; he knew the secret of cold plasma fusion in free space.

Thus, Tesla penetrated the field, which was unexplored before, i.e. time-
engineering technologies. He also emphasized that his electromagnetic
waves were different from Hertz's waves; i.e. the length of a wave
transmitted is equal to the distance on which this wave is transmitted. In
other words, it is equal to the distance between the sending object and the
receiving object. Hertz measures and space measures are changing in
opposite directions: one Hertz is taken as corresponding to the wave length
of approximately 300 000 km, 2 Hz '150 000 km, 3 Hz - 100 000 km etc.,
which means that real length in space is decreasing with number of Hertz,
which are increasing - That is why Tesla did not count in Hz-s (technically,
one meter of wire gives one Hz, two meters of wire two Hz and so on.
Obviously, Hz's measures are not adjusted to the technical properties of
electromagnetic tools).

Notes from Alexander V. Frolov: In 1932 N. Tesla wrote: "I have showed that
universal medium is a gaseous body. Only longitudinal impulses can
propagate to this body. They create variable compression and
decompression like those, which are created by the sound waves in air.
Thus, the wireless transmitter does not create Hertz's waves, which are a
myth, but it creates the sound waves in Ether. The behavior of these waves

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looks like the behavior of sound waves in air, excluding the fact that the
huge elasticity and very small density of this medium makes their speed
equal to the speed of light."). Besides, there were not only circles of
oscillations (which took part in the transference) but in resonance, as the
entire system was also in resonance with natural electromagnetic waves of
the corridor of their passing. It meant that an oscillator starting to transmit,
almost intercepted Ether in the space between transmitter and receiver and
there it created a distinctive field of standing waves. Thus, a waveguide
formed at first, which couldn't transfer energy on its own. Then Tesla turned
on a low-frequency field and transmitted waves, which were the lower
harmonic components of the main field carrier, in the ratio of 1:4. In such a
way he could transmit energy at the desired distance and make strong
continuous electromagnetic discharges in certain zones while creating the
wall from iono-plasma. Nothing could make its way through such an energy
wall without decay on a molecular or atomic level!

Tesla as a Alairvoyant

It is evident that Tesla knew the phenomenon that we call parapsychology.
As told above, the method Tesla used to make his discoveries work in the
laboratory has no analogues in all the history of science. There are more
that 150,000 documents in the Nikola Tesla museum in Belgrade, but he
didn't leave any description of his scientific method, which is comparable
only with states experienced by yogis or with things known by saints. Now
few people consider Tesla to be a philosopher or a spiritual man. They do
think he was a man who inspired physics, technology and science. Finally, he
founded a basis of a new millennium civilization with all his life's work.
Though now his influence on the modern tendencies in science is minimal,
his role heeds overestimation. Only the future will give a real explanation of
Tesla as a phenomenon, because he went far ahead and he stands higher
than the methods accepted currently.

A well-known Indian philosopher Vivekananda, one of the members of
Ramakrishna mission, who was sent to the West to find out a possibility to
join all existing religions, visited Tesla in his New York laboratory in 1906 and
immediately sent a letter to his Indian colleague Alasingh. He rapturously
described his meeting with Tesla: "This man is different from other western
people. He showed his experiments with electricity. His attitude to electricity
looks like an attitude to a living being. He speaks with it and gives orders to
it. I speak about the highest degree of spiritual person. It is no doubt that
he has a spirituality of the highest level and can call all our gods. In his
electrical multicolored lights, I saw all our gods: Vishnu, Shiva… and I felt
the presence of Brahma himself".

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