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                            Title Page
The Dark Knight Wakes
	1: Pendragon
	2: Merlin Sings
	3: Through the Mist
Merlin Makes a Mistake
	4: The Road to Camelot
	5: Bloodbeards
	6: Saxon Camp
The Dark Fist
	7: Battlefield
	8: Lady of the Lake
The Dark Knight Has a Nightmare
	9: Warrior Damsel
	10: Shadrake
Mordred Makes a Mistake
	11: Round Table
	12: Snowed In
	13: Wild Hunt
	14: Druid Magic
	A Gift For the Dark Knight
About the Author
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Page 81

Mordred woke with a jolt. Something was wrong. Sweat bathed his wholebody, and his stump throbbed.
He’d been having the old nightmare, where he was back on the battlefield

duelling with King Arthur. Excalibur flashed down, slicing off his arm at the
elbow. The bandages showed fresh blood where he must have knocked the
wound in his sleep. But he’d become used to the pain, which usually faded when
he woke up. This was different. Something had touched his spirit, exactly like
when his Uncle Arthur had knighted him back in Camelot.

“No,” he whispered. “No, it’s not possible…” Fighting off the terror, he
groped for his black mirror. “Mother!”

She appeared immediately, as if she’d been waiting for his call.
“I know, I felt it too. It seems Excalibur has been found.”
“But the spirit magic! I thought you said it wouldn’t work any more, now

Arthur’s dead—”
“Pull yourself together, boy!” his mother snapped. “It’s your own fault for

employing fools stupid enough to let a girl and a fairy with a harp get the better
of them. So your cousin has got the sword out of the lake, has she? That’s good.
Saves me the bother of dealing with Nimue. Don’t worry. The girl hasn’t a clue
how to use the spirit magic, and without Merlin to instruct her she won’t find
out. Or are you so feeble as to let a damsel command your knightly soul?”

Mordred’s breath steadied. Now he thought about it, the touch on his spirit
felt light and inexperienced, not firm and strong like his Uncle Arthur’s. “Of
course not,” he said. “It was just a bad dream, that’s all.”

His mother sighed. “How many times do I have to tell you not to
underestimate dreams? But there’s no need to panic. There are a hundred Saxons
between your cousin and Camelot. For now, let her think she has won. We’ll let

Page 82

her and her friends tire themselves out fighting before we make our move.”
Mordred prodded his tender stump and winced. “And what if the stupid

fishmaid’s enchanted the sword so it’s no use to us any more?”
The witch gave an impatient hiss. “The Sword is one of the four Lights. No

one can enchant it, not even me.”
“But I thought you put a spell on it so I could kill Arthur?”
His mother laughed bitterly. “And a fine mess you made of that! You’ve been

listening to too much squires’ gossip. Do you think if I’d been able to spell the
Sword of Light, you’d be a cripple with only one hand and I’d be stuck here in
Annwn while your cousin wields Excalibur? Give me some credit. Be patient
and it will help us too. Excalibur makes its own rules, and our brave Rhianna
does not know them. I, however, have studied magic with the best. Remember
what I taught you? Those who know the rules can always bend them.”

Mordred felt a bit better. “Let me bend them for you, Mother,” he said,
clenching his good fist. “I’ll teach my cousin to play with magic she doesn’t

“That’s my boy,” the witch said. “Now listen, this is what we’re going to

Page 162

About the Author

Katherine Roberts’ muse is a unicorn. This is what he has to say about her…
My author has lived in King Arthur’s country for most of her life. She went

to Bath University, where she got a degree in Maths and learned to fly in a
glider. Afterwards she worked with racehorses, until she found me in 1984 and
wrote her first fantasy story. She won the Branford Boase Award in 2000 with
her first book Song Quest, and now she has me hard at work on the Pendragon
series, searching for the Grail of Stars.

You can find out more about Katherine at
Illustration by Petra Brown

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