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Shall be provided to indicate camera positions and angles. The precise location of
camera shall be approved by Purchaser’s inspector, after determining the best
camera locations by trial energisation of test object at a voltage which results in

4.2 The test to determine the visible corona extinction voltage need not be carried out

simultaneously with test to determine RIV levels.

4.3 However, both test shall be carried out with the same test set up and as little time

duration between tests as possible. No modification on treatment of the sample
between tests will be allowed. Simultaneous RIV and visible corona extinction
voltage testing may be permitted at the discretion of Purchaser’s inspector if, in his
opinion, it will not prejudice other test.

5. Test Records:

In addition to the information previously/mentioned and the requirements specified
as per CISPR or NEMA 107-1964 the following data shall be included in test report:

a) Background noise before and after test

b) Detailed procedure of application of test voltage

c) Measurements of RIV levels expressed in micro volts at each level

d) Results and observations with regard to location and type of interference

sourced detected at each step.

e) Test voltage shall be recorded when measured RIV passes through 100
microvolts in each direction.

f) Onset and extinction of visual corona for each of the four tests required

shall be recroded

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