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Page 102

Magical Seals & Secret Alphabets / 251

lcbw wnyrx)mw wnynplm N+# rshw Nwgyw b(rw brxw
Klm l) yk ht) wnlycmw wnrmw# l) yk wnrytst Kypnk

Mwl#lw Myyxl wn)wbw wnt)c rwm#w ht) Mwxrw Nwnx
ht) Kwrb Kmwl# tks wnyl( #rpw Mlw( d(w ht(m

d(l l)r#y wm( rmw# hwhy

Hash’kiveinu YHVH Eloheinu l’shalom v’ha-amideinu
malkeinu l’chayim ufros aleinu sukat sh’lomecha
v’tak’neinu b’eitzah tovah milfanecha v’hoshi’einu l’ma’an
sh’mecha v’hagen ba’adeinu v’haser me’aleinu oyev dever
v’cherev v’ra’av v’yagon v’haser satan milfanenu
u’mei’achareinu uv’tzel knafecha tastireinu ki El
shomreinu u’matzileinu atah ki El melech chanun v’rachum
atah ush’mor tzeiteinu uvo’einu l’chayim ul’shalom
mei’atah v’ad olam uf’ros aleinu sukat shlomecha baruch
atah YHVH shomer amo Yisra’el la’ad

Help us YHVH to lie down in peace, and raise us up, our
King, to life. Spread over us the shelter of Your peace;
guide us with Your good counsel, and save us for the sake
of Your Name, and shield us from foe, pestilence, and from
starvation, sword and anguish. Remove the evil forces that
surround us, and shelter us in the shadow of Your wings, El
who watches over us and delivers us, and El our gracious
and merciful King. Guard our coming and our going, to life
and to peace from now unto eternity. Blessed are You
YHVH, Guardian of Your people Israel forever.

Next, after donning clean clothes and prior to falling asleep, one
has to address the listed Divine Names with strongly focussed
intention (Kavvanah) and in great purity, extend the query to which
one is seeking an answer in sleep and dream, saying:

ynw)rt# Myrwh+hw My#wdqh twm# Mkm h#qbb
ytw#)rm Mkytwm# t) ytxnh# hzh hlylb Mwlxb

)ry) )lw [.....state the question.....] )yh# ytl)# tbw#t
ygIr;na ygIr;)a M#b Mwlk ynmm xk#y )lw dxp) )lw

PgA#; PgAn; PgA); ygIr;sa

Page 103

252 / The Book of Seals & Amulets

b’vakashah mikem shemot ha-kadoshim v’ha-tehorim
shetar’uni b’chalom ba’lailah ha-zeh shehenachti et
shmoteichem m’rashoti tshuvat she’elati shehi [.....state the
question.....] v’lo ira v’lo afached v’lo yishachach mimeni
klum b’shem Argi Nargi Sargi ’gaf N’gaf S’gaf

Please I request from you pure and Holy Names, to receive
in dream this night, in which I put your names under my
head, an answer to my question which is [.....state the
question.....] I will have no fear and I will not be scared,
and I will not forget anything, in the name Argi Nargi Sargi
’gaf N’gaf S’gaf

Afterwards write the Divine Names on a kosher scroll, and place
it under your pillow, then go to sleep.

Curiously enough, the earlier listed three Divine Names,
vocalised PgA#f PgAnf PgA)f (Agaf Nagaf Shagaf), are employed in
protection Kameot by both the healthy and the sick during an
epidemic.12 These are also used to halt the spontaneous flow of
semen, i.e. “wet dreams,” however, in the latter instance the two
vowels employed in sounding these names are the same as in the
earlier addressed amulet.

Elsewhere these three Names, employed without vowels
and conjoined with a fourth Divine, i.e. Pg# Pgs Pgn Pg), are
employed to halt a hemorrhage and the likely death of an
individual, who has suffered a serious injury which has resulted in
excessive and dangerous bleeding.13 In this instance the blood of
the sufferer is used to write the four Divine Names on his or her
forehead, after which the injured individual’s head is turned to face
the northern quarter.

Be that as it may, let us now investigate certain Hebrew
based “magical alphabets.” It is worth considering that there are
several such scripts, called Kolmosin (lit. “angelic pens”) or “ketav
einayim” (“eye writing”), believed to be angelic alphabets. These
are addressed in certain primary Hebrew magical manuscripts,14 as
well as in a number of Latin texts, in which it was surmised these
scripts were derived from the Samaritan alphabet.15 This claim is
debatable, and the origins of these magical alphabets still remain

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