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Charles Faulkner &

Robert D. McDonald, M.S.

NLP Comprehensive




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To begin — Please save this workbook to your
desktop or in another location.

How can you get the most out of this writable workbook? Research has shown that the more ways you interact
with learning material, the deeper your learning will be. Nightingale-Conant has created a cutting-edge learning
system that involves listening to the audio, reading the ideas in the workbook, and writing your ideas and
thoughts down. In fact, this workbook is designed so that you can fill in your answers right inside this

For each session, we recommend the following:

� Preview the section of the workbook that corresponds with the audio session.

� Listen to the audio session at least once.

� Read the text of the workbook.

On each page there is a “notes” area for you to record any thoughts or responses you like. Be sure to use this
feature as it will help you to retain the information.

We wish to acknowledge that a number of the NLP patterns in this program are
drawn from copyrighted material developed by Richard Bandler or Robert Dilts.
The unique expression and application of these patterns are the joint efforts

of the NLP Comprehensive Trainers on this program.

© MCMXCII NLP Comprehensive except where otherwise noted

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12. Have the wonderful you turn around so he or she is facing away from you.
Take one step forward as you bring the wonderful you into your body, so
you feel exactly what the wonderful you feels.

13. Allow these wonderful feelings to flow out of you and into the ground. As they
flow into the ground below you, an even more wonderful you, a magnificent you,
emerges from the ground and stands facing you. Place your hands on his or her
shoulders and feel the radiating sense of strength, confidence, and humor coming
from the magnificent you into you.

14. As a light rain washes away the magnificent you, your arms return to your sides.

15. Repeat this pattern (steps 12 through 14) three more times, a little faster each time.

16. Repeat steps 12 and 13, leaving that last magnificent you in front of you. Notice
how you feel when you physically turn in every direction of the compass and
discover that the magnificent you is always in front of you, encouraging you and
directionalizing your brain toward the future.

17. Notice how good you feel and imagine the many ways you will continue to
experience these good feelings in the days, months and years to come.



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Actions Into Empowering Beliefs

Every moment of your life is an opportunity to change completely. Your beliefs.
Your life’s direction. Your destiny. The following exercise tells you how.

1. Think of something you want to believe about yourself, but which you aren’t quite
sure is true.

2. State your desired belief in a positive form. Make sure it’s truly yours, something
you can do something about. Make sure it’s respectful of your work, your family
and your friends, and about process, not static perfection. Complete this before
going on.

3. Ask yourself, “What would a person with this desired belief naturally do?”
Imagine many different actions. List them.

4. Select a specific time and place in your future where you would like to have
your desired belief.

5. Select an action from your list that’s evidence of your desired belief and is
appropriate for that specific future time and place.

6. See yourself in your selected future time and place doing that action. Watch the
scene (as though it were a movie) of that “future you” completing the actions of
your desired belief. Revise the scene if it’s necessary so that it is positive and

7. Rewind that scene to the beginning. Step into it and go through this future time as
if you’re living it now. See the scene around you. Feel the feelings. Hear yourself
your belief with conviction. Go through the scene to the end.

8. Repeat steps 4 through 7 three more times. Select a different appropriate action
from your list of actions for your desired belief each time, each with another future
time: and place.



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Would You Like to Be Trained in NLP?

For more information about NLP, and
NLP training and certification, contact:

2897 Valmont Road

Boulder, Colorado 80302

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