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TitleStrong light-matter coupling in systems of different dimensionality
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Table of Contents
	Semiconductor heterojunctions — ``Man-made crystals''
	Planar semiconductor microcavities — light and matter confinement
	Polariton Bose-Einstein condensation
	Spin and polarization of microcavity exciton-polaritons
	Zero-dimensional objects in microcavities
Evolution of polaritons and kinetic equations
	The semiclassical Boltzmann equations
	The Gross-Pitaevskii equation
	The density matrix approach
	Introduction of the spin
		Polariton-polariton interactions
		Scattering with acoustic phonons
		Pumping terms
		Dynamics of the polarization
		Results and discussion
Microcavity as a source of THz radiation
	Terahertz frequency in a cavity. The Purcell factor
	Kinetic equations for the occupation numbers
	Quantum description of dynamics. Correlators between states.
Asymmetric quantum dot in a microcavity
	Dissipative evolution of the two-level system
	Spectrum of the atom-microcavity system
	Hamiltonian of the system and the dipole interaction
	Analytical solutions
		Analytical solution I: weak asymetry
		Analytical solution II: big photon numbers
	Numerical approach and the Quantum regression formula
	Discussions: emission spectra and terahertz frequencies
Metallic cluster as a zero-dimensional object in a microcavity
	The jellium model
	Interaction of an electromagnetic field with the cluster
	Green's function of a photon in the cluster-cavity system
	Analytical estimation and results of modeling
Derivation of the Lindblad approach equations for THz
	The Lindblad approach
	Coherent part
	Incoherent part
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