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TitleStories We Live By, With, and In: A Narrative Inquiry into the Experiences of Canadian Muslim Girls
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believes in the need to be “honest and keep speaking up,” said that she felt upset and was just

about to challenge his words when the Green party candidate’s response helped put her at ease,

“He said, ‘We don’t ask you to take your turban off, shame on you!’”

Months later, a few days after the terror attack in San Bernardino, California131, Ayesha

sent me a YouTube video of one of our favourite speakers, Nouman Ali Khan, saying we need to

remember ourselves and our faith as attackers hijack our religion to sow fear and division. On

WhatsApp, Ayesha wrote, “I am so tired of this. With Paris and now this, it is too much!” She

continued, “I try not to think about it, but it is hard.” Her words reminded me of how Zahra,

during a breakfast conversation a few weeks before Ayesha sent me the video, said, “What

happened in Paris made me so upset and scared. I still think about it … I’m traumatized by it.”

The pain Zahra and Ayesha expressed pulled at the deeply rooted sorrow I have felt (and

continue to feel) mourning innocent lives in incomprehensible terror attacks alongside the sharp

pain of feeling shamed and blamed – by those who commit horrific acts in the name of my faith

and those who generalize these horrific acts to Islam and all Muslims.

Several months later, in the spring of 2016, Ayesha sent me a few WhatsApp messages of

her worries after the shootings in Orlando, Florida132. She wrote, “Orlando is being used by

Donald Trump so badly against Islam,” and also wrote, “The crime has really affected Zahra.”

During a conversation I had with Zahra in the summer of 2016, she shared a class discussion her

teacher had initiated the day after the shootings:

131 A Muslim American man and his wife were killed by American authorities after they killed 14 people and injured
22 others at an office party in San Bernardino, California on December 2, 2015.
132 50 people were killed and 53 injured in the Pulse nightclub attack by a Muslim American in Orlando, Florida.

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Informed Consent Form for Girl Participants

My name is _______________________________. I give permission for my daughter

____________________________________ to participate in the research study entitled, “A

Multiperspectival Narrative Inquiry into the Experiences of Second-Generation Canadian

Muslim Girls and Their Mothers as the Girls Transition from Elementary to Junior High

School.” I understand that this research will be carried out by Muna Saleh, a PhD student from

the University of Alberta.

As a parent of a child participant in this study, I have been informed that Muna will write field

notes of her participation. I have been informed that on 7-8 occasions, Muna and my daughter

will engage in one-on-one tape-recorded and transcribed research conversations, where together,

they will share observations, reflections, and understandings of my daughter’s experience of her

transition from grade 6 to grade 7. I understand that some of my daughter’s photographic and/or

creative work may become part of the inquiry. Muna will comply with the University of Alberta

Standards for Protection of Human Research Participants:



I am aware that writing based on this inquiry will be submitted for publication in journals and

that presentations will be made at local, national, and international conferences. I have been

informed that my anonymity, as well as the anonymity of my daughter and our family, will be

respected. All material collected will be safeguarded to ensure confidentiality.

My daughter and I have been given the opportunity to ask questions and to clarify concerns

about this inquiry. I know that my permission for my daughter’s participation is completely

voluntary and that I can withdraw her from the research at any time without consequences. In the

event that my daughter withdraws from participating in the study, any data relating to my

daughter that has been collected to that point will only be used with my consent. I understand

that I have the option to withdraw all data related to my daughter’s participation any time before

January 31, 2017. I feel comfortable in talking with Muna about this possibility if it should arise.


Name (Please Print)





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