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TitleStanding Trial: Law and the Person in the Modern Middle East
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Table of Contents
Part One - General Considerations on the Person and the Law
	Chapter 1. The Person and the Law: Contingency, Individuation and the Subject of the Law
	Chapter 2. The Articulation of 'I', 'We' and the 'Person': Elements for an Anthropological Approach within Western and Islamic Contexts
	Chapter 3. A Ghost in the Machine: Against the Use of the Notion of 'Person' in Sociology
Part Two - Persons in Legal Settings
	Chapter 4. Justice , Law and Pain in Khedival Egypt
	Chapter 5. The 'Implosion' of Sharî'a within the Emergence of Public Normativity: The Impact on Personal Responsibility and the Impersonality of Law
	Chapter 6. The Misbehaviour of the Possessed: On Spirits, Morality and the Person
	Chapter 7. The Person and Justice in a Tunisian Souq: A Reflection upon the Linkages between Justice, Impartiality and Respect for the Person
	Chapter 8. Intention in Action: A Pragmatic Approach to Criminal Characterisation in an Egyptian Context
Part Three - Legal Figures of the Person
	Chapter 9. The Notion of 'Person' between Law and Practice: A Study of the Principles of Personal Responsibility and of the Personal Nature of Punishment in Egyptian Criminal Law
	Chapter 10. The Regimentation of the Subject: Madness in Islamic and Modern Arab Civil Laws
	Chapter 11. The Person and His Body: Medical Ethics and Egyptian Law
	Chapter 12. Can Hishba be 'Modernised'? The Individual and the Protection of the General Interest before Egyptian Courts
	Chapter 13. Regulating Tolerance: Protecting Egypt's Minorities

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