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"Sri Isopanisad" by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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a calm and quiet atmosphere favorable for spiritual culture, and one
should avoid congested places where nondevotees congregate.

(18) One should become a scientist or philosopher and conduct
research into spiritual knowledge, recognizing that spiritual
knowledge is permanent whereas material knowledge ends with the
death of the body.

These eighteen items combine to form a gradual process by which real
knowledge can be developed. Except for these, all other methods are
considered to be in the category of nescience. Çréla Bhaktivinoda
Öhäkura, a great äcärya, maintained that all forms of material
knowledge are merely external features of the illusory energy and that
by culturing them one becomes no better than an ass. This same
principle is found here in Çré Éçopaniñad. By advancement of material
knowledge, modern man is simply being converted into an ass. Some
materialistic politicians in spiritual guise decry the present system of
civilization as satanic, but unfortunately they do not care about the
culture of real knowledge as it is described in the Bhagavad-gétä. Thus
they cannot change the satanic situation.
In the modern society, even a boy thinks himself self-sufficient and pays
no respect to elderly men. Due to the wrong type of education being
imparted in our universities, boys all over the world are giving their
elders headaches. Thus Çré Éçopaniñad very strongly warns that the
culture of nescience is different from that of knowledge. The
universities are, so to speak, centers of nescience only; consequently
scientists are busy discovering lethal weapons to wipe out the existence
of other countries. University students today are not given instructions
in the regulative principles of brahmacarya (celibate student life), nor do
they have any faith in any scriptural injunctions. Religious principles
are taught for the sake of name and fame only and not for the sake of
practical action. Thus there is animosity not only in social and political
fields but in the field of religion as well.
Nationalism has developed in different parts of the world due to the
cultivation of nescience by the general people. No one considers that
this tiny earth is just a lump of matter floating in immeasurable space

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