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Volume 1 General Specification
Electro-Mechanical & Civil Works



(ii) In area where there might be high heat gain from plant (i.e.
main pump house generator room, transformer rooms), a
high rate of ventilation shall be provided. In these areas
provision shall also be made for the employment of self-
contained mobile or portable air conditioning units to provide
tolerable working conditions for plant maintenance and

It is not anticipated that space heating will be required
in any of these areas, except in the generator room, where
when on standby duty.

(iii) In other areas of lesser activity and where small items of
plant are located and in storage areas a lower rate of
ventilation shall be provided. Space heating may be provided
in some of these areas as detailed.

(iv) The Quantity of air changes per hour for each particular room
shall be dependent on room function and shall be in
accordance with present day good practice and it must not
exceed 10% by volume flow rate of air for each room.

Location Requirement schedule

Location Requirement

Administration building

Central or room air conditioning
unit with heating and cooling.


Ceiling Mounted Fans

Filter control galleries offices

Control rooms

Workshop office


Living rooms

Bed rooms

Guard rooms

Rooms air conditioning units with
heating and cooling


Ceiling Mounted Fans

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Volume 1 General Specification
Electro-Mechanical & Civil Works



Shower rooms


Observation Rooms

Generation Rooms

Alum Rooms and store

Chlorine Rooms and store


Pump Rooms



Prevision for portable Room Air
conditioning Units Plus ceiling fans



Switch board rooms

air conditioning units plus ceiling

Transformer rooms Ventilation

Workshop area stores

Ceiling mounting fans



Electric Motors

All electric motors and control equipment supplied under this
section shall be suitable for 400/230V three phase four wire system and
the starting requirements shall be as set out in the specification. The
motors shall be suitable for operation in a tropical climate and insulation
standards shall be class B or class F in all cases.

Space Heating

(i) The heating medium shall be electricity in all cases. The type
of heaters to be used shall be as follows:

a. Convector type heaters generally wall mounted with natural
convection, having a maximum loading of 2KW.

b. Fan assisted convection heaters wall mounted, to a maximum
loading of 3KW.

c. Convector heaters, both natura l convection and fan assisted
type, shall have built in thermostats, an ON/OFF switch and

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Volume 1 General Specification
Electro-Mechanical & Civil Works




When general arrangements and details of the treatment plant have
been approved and at least four months before erection the Contractor
shall submit to the Engineer two metal covered sets of detailed operation
and maintenance instructions in Arabic and in English.

The instructions shall cover the main plant and all associated
ancillary equipment as supplied under this part of the work. It will not be
sufficient to incorporate manufacturer’s standard brochures as part of the
instructions unless they refer particularly to the equipment supplied and
are free extraneous matter.

The information provided shall include essential flow and circuit
diagrams, pipe work, general arrangement and detailed drawings of the
installation, manufacturer of special materials where used and shall
furthermore include schedules of lubricants and all ball and roller races
employed on the plant. The drawings and diagram which may be
approved shall be reduced to convenient size and bound.

If the complete instructions are unduly bulky, then the manual is to
be appropriately sub-divided and produced in multi-volume form. Then
approved ten copies are to be handed to the Engineers for distribution on
the site and these are to be provided at least one month before erection.

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Volume 1 General Specification
Electro-Mechanical & Civil Works




The Contractor shall provide the required no. of skilled men for
plant operation for 1 year continuous 24 hrs per day operation starting
from PAC. For the second year the contractors shall be responsible for
maintenance and supervision of the whole plant. During this second year
period the Contractor is responsible for training the local staff. All spare
parts used in the first year must be borne by the Contractor.

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