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actually loved him more than life, for she had spent half
a year trying to relieve him of it. And Guitar. The one sane
and constant person he knew had flipped, had ripped open
and was spilling blood and foolishness instead of
conversation. He was a fit companion for Empire State. So
now he waited with curiosity, but without excitement or
hope, for this latest claim.

“Listen to me. Just eat your meat and listen to me. Don’t
interrupt, because I might lose my train of thought.

“A long time ago, I told you about when I was a boy on the
farm. About Pilate and me. About my father getting killed. I
never finished the story; I never told you all of it. The part I
left out was about me and Pilate. I tried to keep you away
from her and said she was a snake. Now I’m going to tell
you why.”

A red ball rolled to his feet, and Macon picked it up and
threw it back to a little girl. He made sure she was safely
back in her mother’s view before he began his story.

Six days after the first Macon Dead died, his children, a
twelve-year-old Pilate and a sixteen-year-old Macon Dead,
found themselves homeless. Bewildered and grieving, they
went to the house of the closest colored person they knew:
Circe, the midwife who had delivered them both and who
was there when their mother died and when Pilate was
named. She worked in a large house—a mansion—outside

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