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                            Types of Solar Power pumps:
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Types of Solar Power pumps:

SPV water pumping system uses the SPV array mounted on a stand and includes one
of the following motor pump sets compatible with the PV array.

1. DC surface pump ( centrifugal ) or floating pumpset
2. AC surface or submersible pump set

Centrifugal pumps are suitable for areas where water is available at shallow depths
such as open wells / stream / ponds / canals etc. They are driven by a DC motor. The
total head is 14 m and maximum suction head is 7m. Better performance in the form
of higher water output can be achieved when the suction head is kept at the minimum.

Submersible pumps are recommended where water table is available at higher depth
( more than 14 m ). It is highly efficient and rugged multistage pump. Pumps can be
conveniently placed under water so as to lift water from up to 50 m depth.

The normal discharge rates of water for different types of pumps are given below :

Type Capacity
Water Level

Depth (maxi)

Rate / day


DC Surface

900 Wp – 1

14 75 000

1800 Wp –
2 Hp

14 1 40 000


1800 Wp –
0.75 Hp

50 50 000

• SPV water pumping systems can be installed at a site completely

eliminating loss of energy in transmission.
• Can be installed to the required load of pumps upto 3000 Watts ( 2

hp )
• SPV modules need only minimum maintenance and no battery is


Potential for Use:

SPV pumps are more suitable for remote areas with no or unreliable grid or as an
alternative to diesel pumps. Some of the most popular applications are :

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