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Appendix 1: Guidelines for obtaining project information

Basic information of project

• Name of project
• Host Country
• Main partner organisation in host country
• Duration of project (start date and end date)
• Project objectives
• Key supporters (Donor organisations)
• Direct project participants ( organisations, number of men and women)
• Gender issues (the role of women in the project)

1- Capacity building/training approach
• What production and marketing constraints were the farmers facing before the

initiation of the project?

• Upgrades in available technology, financial capacity, record keeping and marketing

2- Governance structure of famer groups
• Approach in group formation and organisation
• Indications of fair and transparent governance
• Selection process and quality of leaders
• Cost sharing

3- Indicators of success
• Changes in production volumes
• Changes in farmer incomes
• Market access (linkages to high value markets)
• Contributions to poverty alleviation

4- Lessons learned
• What new opportunities were identified in new supply chains?
• Constraints faced during the project.
• Identified risks facing the farmers, smallholders and maybe NGO

5- Project sustainability
• How regular were assessments of progress of project during and after project period?
• What are the exit plans of NGO such that smallholder farmers are not affected when

market forces change?

Thank you very much for your time and collaboration

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