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Si)nallin) %eer %rocesses

Application Ser*er %rocess 'AS%(Application Ser*er %rocess 'AS%(
 A rocess instance o! an Alication Server, such as %", IP SP, or IP GLR

 An Alication Server Process serves as an active or acu rocess o! an
Alication Server

 An ASP contains an STP endoint and *a& e con!igured to rocess
signalling tra!!ic !or *ore than one Alication Servers

I% Ser*er %rocess 'I%S%(I% Ser*er %rocess 'I%S%(
 A rocess instance o! an IP-ased alication An IPSP is essentiall& the

sa*e as an ASP, [email protected]t that it uses %6)A in a oint-to-oint !ashion
oncetuall&, an IPSP does not use /inter!ace +ith the services o! a
Signalling "ate+a& node

Si)nallin) Gate1a0 %rocess 'SG%(Si)nallin) Gate1a0 %rocess 'SG%(
 An Alication Process instance running on S" It is identi!ied & a uniEue

STP endoint

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on!iguration Sigtran on A5020 >S /R:' - Confi)ure !$UA Route - %ropertiesConfi)ure !$UA Route - %roperties

STE%  8or re*ote there is need to seci!& IS)P rotocol and SLS Range

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 htt$33r!cnet3r!c2'0ht*l$

Strea* ontrol Trans*ission Protocol, Fctoer 2000

 htt$33r!cnet3r!c666'ht*l$

Signaling S&ste* 7 /SS7 %essage Trans!er Part 2 /%TP2 - )ser Adatation
La&er , Sete*er 2002

 htt$33r!cnet3r!c:;;;ht*l$

Signaling S&ste* 7 /SS7 %essage Trans!er Part 6 /%TP6 - )ser Adatation
La&er /%6)A, Sete*er 200;

 Sigtran Fvervie+, & Gorst Hirschnau*, anuar&, 2007

 Signaling achaul using SI"TRA. & third art& S", & (ue*ei Mhang, %arch

 >S 5020 %" 7570 SI"TRA. 1 AL) Training %anual

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