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Four Times Stiles Calls Derek 'Alpha'
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Rating: Explicit
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Category: M/M
Fandom: Teen Wolf (TV)
Relationship: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Character: Derek Hale, Stiles Stilinski, Cora Hale, Scott McCall
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - High School, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics,

derek beats the shit out of someone and it's great, scott does as well,
also this one gets kinda kinky but not really, Mates

Series: Part 3 of Thorns
Stats: Published: 2015-02-10 Words: 10077

by standinginanicedress


four separate instances in which Stiles concedes power to his alpha

or the one where Derek finally plucks up the courage to be the best possible alpha to his


enjoy this! it's simple and sweet, pretty much; a bit of angst, but nothing too serious - Stiles
does get beat up, and Derek and Scott beat some people up themselves, but it's not too crazy
I hope

it does get a little bit kinkier than I normally write, but it's really nothing to write home
about haha I promise; you'll probably read it and be like "this is it lmao" but eh I'm pretty
vanilla if you haven't noticed that already*s*M*s*Stiles%20Stilinski*s*Beta*s*Omega%20Dynamics's%20great

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“You'd .”

Derek actually, but...that's for another time.

So, he just lays his book out on the bedside table and listens to Stiles' chatter, answers all his
questions, tickles him a couple of times just because he's helpless to stop it, and things go on
pretty much how they normally do during Stiles' heats.

When Derek is focused on his book some twenty minutes later, Stiles starts twitching. Rubbing
himself back against the sheets and pulling at the ropes, looking for some point of weakness in
them, probably. Derek knew that having his hands tied behind his back wouldn't just be hard for
Stiles because of his heat – Stiles loves to talk with his hands, to always be moving his arms
around, loves to use them to play-push Derek away and tease his alpha.

The problem is that omegas have little to nothing in the way of physical strength; Stiles couldn't
break out of those ropes even if his life depended on it, yet the struggling goes on. He makes soft
whimpers in the back of his throat, angling his body towards Derek's beside him, opens his

“Derek,” his voice is hoarse, and when Derek turns to look at him he finds that pre-cum is
already leaking out of the omega's dick, making a small mess of his chest. “I'm – I'm ready.”

The alpha plops his book back down and climbs on top of Stiles, dropping his hands on either
side of his head and being very careful to not brush up against Stiles' dick with any part of his
body as he does so. He leans down and kisses him, slowly, swirling his tongue around inside his
mate's mouth, feeling how desperate the poor thing is from the enthusiasm with which he
responds to the stimulus.

Derek pulls back, and raises his eyebrows before climbing down off of Stiles' body to push
himself back against the headboard. He grabs Stiles by the hips and lifts him effortlessly down
onto his body, until the omega's knees are straddling him on either side.

“This is new,” Stiles says breathily, arching his back while he lets Derek push himself into his
entrance. Stiles lets out a low moan and starts trying to fuck himself on Derek's cock, slow and
easy and careful, which is probably the best he can do with his hands tied like that.

Derek grabs his hips and pushes him down hard, all the way back to where he knows Stiles'
prostate is, where he knows he'll be pushing Stiles to the limit, and does it again, and again, and
again, watching Stiles' face contort in ecstasy. Stiles throws his head back, exposing that perfect
fucking neck of his, and Derek nearly forgets what he's trying to do, here – until he starts feeling
the telltale signs of Stiles' orgasm coming. He fucks Stiles down on his cock once more, hard,
and then pulls him up off of it and drops him down on the bed beside him.

Stiles lands on his front; so of course, immediately he starts bucking into the sheets, trying to get
friction on his untouched dick, trying to , but Derek isn't having any of that.

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Again, Stiles gets flipped onto his back, his length hard and beat red, exposed to the open air,
and he stares up at Derek in wonderment. “What...”

The alpha grins down at him, and runs his index finger along Stiles' stomach about a single inch
away from where his desperate dick is sitting. “Are you laughing now, baby?”

Stiles blinks up at him, dazed, his heat making every thing come to him a bit slower. He tries
bucking his hips forward, angling himself towards where Derek's hand is sitting on his chest, but
Derek pushes him down and holds him with a single hand. The omega whimpers, pulling at the
ropes again, exposing his neck to Derek, fighting to push his hips up; but Derek just stays
perched on his knees in between his legs and watches, smirking to himself.

, he thinks, is just about as much control as he'll ever allow himself to have over Stiles.

He appreciates the view for another few moments, before dropping himself down beside Stiles
on the bed and opening his book up again.

For the next five minutes, Stiles squirms. He squirms and simpers and keeps thrusting his hips up
into the open air, as if there'll be something out there to give him friction and get him off – every
time there's nothing, he lowers himself down onto the bed and whines.

But it's only five minutes.

“Derek,” he says again, squirming his body to get closer to where Derek is. “I need you.”

The book is discarded again, and this time Derek puts Stiles down on his knees in front of him.
With his hands tied, the best Stiles can do is press the side of his face into the sheets and puff out
heavy breaths while Derek angles the omega's ass as high in the air as he can get it to ensure that
his cock won't be touching anything aside from his own skin.

Pulling Stiles' cheeks apart with his hands, he finds the typical slick – running down his thighs in
an enticing sheen, while the hole itself clenches and unclenches to the rhythm of Stiles' own
breathing. Derek leans down and starts at the thighs, licking long strips upwards to collect as
much of the salty slick as he can get. It tastes good to Derek, of course, it has to, and Stiles
doesn't appear to mind the attention at all.

By the time Derek actually gets his tongue on Stiles' hole, the omega is shaking underneath him,
moaning with every single flick of Derek's tongue against his sensitive, over-stimulated entrance.
The fingers from Stiles' bound hands can reach Derek's head from this angle, just barely, and he
starts scratching at Derek's hair gently, breathing out Derek's name and probably trying to get on
his good side.

All the same, right when Derek can sense the omega is about to come, he pulls off. Just like
before, the second Derek's hands are off of him, he's flattening his lithe body out to rut into the
bed with renewed fervor; like if he does it fast and quick enough, Derek won't be able to stop
him in time.

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do so. To decline would be a challenge to his authority; and Stiles doesn't think that Derek would
claw his father's throat out at the dinner table, but he does think that Derek would get upset.
Angry, even.

So, the Sheriff sighs through his nose, pinches the bridge of his nose, and says, “I can't you.”

Stiles raises his eyebrows at Derek, a slow smile spreading across his face, but Derek doesn't
look entirely satisfied. “Stiles would like your blessing, sir,” he pushes, glancing at Stiles out of
the corner of his eyes. “He won't be happy unless you say this is all right with you.”

Another deep huff comes from Stiles' father, and then he's leaning back in his chair and groaning
like this is the worst possible thing that's ever happened to him in the history of the universe.
There's a couple of seconds of dead air, the only sound Stiles' incessantly jiggling leg.

“Alpha and I are very happy together,” he says quietly, chewing on his bottom lip. “I don't see
the point in putting it off, dad. I want to be with my mate.”

“I was hoping you would wait at least until you , Stiles,” the words have no real
venom or power behind them, however; defeat has already been accepted by his father, victory
bestowed upon Stiles, and there isn't much left to talk about anymore. “If that's what you really
want,” a pointed glare in Derek's direction, as if he somehow suspects that the alpha is somehow
forcing Stiles into doing this, “then of course you can have my blessing, son.”

Stiles' face splits into a grin, and he starts excitedly kicking Derek's legs under the table, again
and again and again, while Derek smiles back at him, a bit more subdued and kind of dazed, like
he's not quite sure he believes what's going on.

“You hear that, alpha? Paw says you can have my hand in marriage!”

“Holy God...” The Sheriff mutters under his breath, rubbing his hands down his face, brownie
long forgotten in front of him.

“Get the dowry ready, father! I'm a woman now!”

“This is what you're signing up for,” the Sheriff says to Derek, pointing his fork in Stiles' general
direction. “I hope you can handle it.”

Derek blinks his eyes back in Stiles' direction, traces his omega's face a few times with his eyes,
and says, “I think I can handle him just fine.”

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