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ALS Series
Microwave Radio for Point‐to‐Point 


ALCplus2 IDU

Installation Guide

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Step1 : Mount the RF Hybrid Branching Direct to the Back end of Antenna

Figure 22. Install the Hybrid to Antenna

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Step 2: Mount the ODU onto the RF Hybrid Branching

Figure 23.ODU Completely Installation

Please note that the Polarization between the RF Hybrid Branching and Antenna must be the same

Grounding system

1.Groudning IDU 

2.Grounding ODU 

3.Grounding IF Cable 

4.Grounding Surge Suppressor  

Grounding IDU

Use the Siae grounding Kit provide with the IDU to make an Earth Grounding cable from the Siae IDU 
chassis  mount stud to the vertical earth bar (Green Line)  which is installed inside the 19 inch rack.

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Capacity Setting

1) Setting E1 traffic , Permanent E1 and Extra E1 ,result of setting as figure below. 

Figure 46. 

E1  setting 
Max is 60E1 

Extra E1 
setting at 

Maximum  E1 capacity that can be set at each 
modulation level ( Permanent  +Extra) 

 Click at View Current Config. To see the result of setting 


    Figure 47. Show the Table of Ethernet Capacity and  TDM Traffic at Each modulation Level

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2) Ethernet Capacity will reverse to the Capacity of E1 traffic automatically , if reduce the E1 then its
will be increase the Ethernet Capacity as shown in figure 47.

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