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Shield of Baal: Deathstorm is the second instalm ent in the
Shield of Baal series, presenting the next chapter in the
gore-soaked story of the war for the Cryptus System. The
Tyranids of Hive Fleet Leviathan have descended upon the
system in the ir trillions, feasting upon its worlds and cities
in a relentless tide of carnage and death. The arm ies of the
A stra M ilitarum and A depta Sororitas have fought valiantly
to hold them back, but they are hopelessly outnum bered by
the ir enemies, and one by one their defences have fallen.

A nd yet there is hope. A fter days of fighting, the Blood
Angels have finally broken through the Tyranid blockades
tb come to the defenders’ aid. Amid the chaos of this new
invasion, ano ther plot is unfolding. In the ru ins of Phodia,
upon the war ravaged world of Asphodex, a pivotal battle is
about to begin between Space M arine and Tyranid over the
very fu ture of the Blood Angels Chapter.

This book continues the narrative begun in Shield of Baal:
Leviathan. It tells the tale o f the next, bloody chap ter o f tha t
war, using evocative narrative and vivid im agery to b ring to
life the battle betw een 1st Com pany C aptain K arlaen and the
B roodlord known as}the Spawn of Cryptus. T he book includes
full rules for using all o f the finely sculpted Citadel m iniatures
found in this box, along with all the missions and datasheets
requ ired to refight the ir b ru ta l battle in the ru in s of Phodia.

Shield of Baal: Deathstorm contains the following sections:

• The Fate of Phodia: The story of the increasingly desperate
and violent battle between the Blood Angels Strike Force
Deathstorm and the Tyranid bio-horrors of the Phodian
A nnihilation Swarm. It charts the bitter enmity that grows
between 1st Company Captain Karlaen and the Spawn of
Cryptus, as the fate of both Blood Angel and Broodlord
become inexorably linked. Behind their duel for survival
and victory lurks a secret that could unravel the Blood
Angels’ millennia-old curse, if only Karlaen can reach it
before it is devoured by the Hive Mind and lost for ever.

• New Missions: A set of specifically them ed missions that
depict the pivotal engagements fought as the Strike Force
D eathstorm explore ru ined Phodia. Using these battles
you can enact each of these desperate battles and retell
Karlaen’s vital mission.

• Full Gaming Rules: The up-to-date Army List Entries
describe Karlaen’s Blood Angels and the Tyranids of
Phodia in detail, including the Spawn of Cryptus and the
Captain himself; along with the included wargear rules,
they allow you to play games using all of the beautifully
detailed Citadel m iniatures contained within the Shield of
Baal: Deathstorm boxed set. Unique Form ation datasheets
also allow you to represent the specific strengths of these
two gathered forces on the tabletop.

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The Beast of Phodia has a worn, p itted looking carapace, the result of days of fighting before the arrival of the Blood
Angels. The creature also has the distinctive yellow stripe m arkings of the Phodian A nnihilation Swarm, which typified the
organisms fighting in the ru ins of the once-great city of Phodia.

These Genestealers, the C hildren
of Cryptus, are all posed to give
a dynamic sense of movement.
Talons raised and legs coiled
under them , they look as if
they are leaping and bounding
through the ru ins of Phodia,
hunting the Blood Angels through

% «£ the darkened streets and tunnels,
e- awaiting the m om ent to strike.

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The Spawn of Cryptus is an impressive
m odel - posed atop a spiny Tyranid
growth it is ready to pounce upon its
next victim. Distinctive details of the
B roodlord include its rows of need le­
like teeth and long barbed tongue,
which appears to have a m ind of its
own as it writhes out of the c rea tu re’s
open m outh, seeking out prey to feed
upon. The B roodlord’s eyes are also
indicative of its alien nature; squinting
from above its oversized maw, they
convey a h in t of the po ten t psychic will
the beast projects upon its foes.

Each of the Phodian Tyranid W arriors carries an impressive array of b io­
weapons. This w arrior is arm ed with a bonesword and lash whip, which we
can see coiling out ready to strike or snare its prey. The creature also has
toxin sacs attached to its sword arm , the vile growth covered in shining
green blisters, h in ting at the caustic fluids contained within.

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Range S
Blood talon - x2

Chainfist - x2

Chainsw ord - User
Power fist - x2

Power sword - User
T h u n d er ham m er - x2

Range S
Bolt pistol 12" 4
Boltgun 24" 4
Heavy flam er Tem plate 5
Inferno pistol 6" 8
M eltagun 12- 8
Storm bolter 24" 4


AP Type__________
5 Pistol
5 Rapid Fire
4 Assault 1
1 Pistol, Melta
1 Assault 1, Melta
5 Assault 2

Melee, Shred,
Special W eapon
A rm ourbane,
Specialist W eapon,
Specialist W eapon,
Specialist W eapon,



Range S AP Type

P o w e r A r m o u r
Power arm our confers a 3+ A rm our Save.

T e r m in a t o r A r m o u r
Term inator a rm our confers a 2+ A rm our Save and a 5+
invulnerable save. Furtherm ore, models in Term inator
arm our have the Bulky, Deep Strike and Relentless
special rules, and may not make Sweeping Advances.


K rak grenade
- Shooting 8" 6 4 Assault 1
- Assault - 6 4 -
Frag grenade 8" 3 - Assault 1,


I r o n H a l o
An iron halo confers a 4+ invulnerable save.

J u m p P ack
Models equipped with jum p packs gain the Jum p unit
type as described in Warhammer 40,000: The Rules.


S trang le thorn

Venom cannon

12 "


Assault 1, Blast
Assault 1,
Large Blast,
P inning
Assault 1, Blast


A d r en a l G la n d s
A m odel with the adrenal glands biom orph has the
Fleet and Furious Charge special rules.

T o x in Sacs
If a model has the toxin sacs biom orph, its close combat
attacks have the Poisoned special rule.


R ending claws
Lash whip and

% ^ Bonesword
e - Scything talons



Range S AP

Page 38


The ruined city o f Phodia burns in the fires o f war as
the Hive Mind devours the world o f A sphodex. Into this
cauldron o f alien horror, B lood A ngels Captain Karlaen
leads Strike Force Deathstorm upon a m ission which
could potentially be the salvation o f his Chapter: the
rescue o f A sphodex’s Planetary Governor, Augustus
Flax. However, Karlaen is not the only one hunting
the governor, and from the shadows o f the Phodian
undercity an ancient evil has stirred, awoken by the
com ing o f the hive fleet.

A supplement for
ISBN 603-101990203

You will need a copy of
Warhammer 40,000: The
Rules in order to use the

contents of this book 60310199020

ENGLISH Printed by: C&C

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