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TitleShemhamephorash and the Solomonic Oath
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All the Psalms could be recited collectively, and a general plea made to the angels or a
particular Angel could be selected as I did in the example whose help is requested for a
particular purpose.

Besham El Melech Qadosh He filled the cosmos with the radiance of the light of his
face. He extended to it the power of the letters of His awe over every Angel,
constellation, jinn and shatan. He was feared by all of His creation, and the Kerubim
heeded and obeyed from their highest places and prostrated and answered the call of
His great Name. They quickly answered with the special confirmations concealed in the
tablets of the hearts of the administrator.

I conjure you O celestial angels and spiritual rouhaniah and servants of this ancient
oath by what was gathered from the sea of names from the light of Malkuth to answer
my call and fulfill my need, ( Here state your request) which is that Michael, the 42nd
Angel of the great 72 Angels of the SHEMAMPHORASH whose seal is within this
triangle of invocation, shall help Mr. --- win his court case. may Mr.--- be attuned
and awakened to the awesome power and presence of the spirits of the
SHEMAMPHORASH, giving him victory in his court case)

In the glory of Ber-hat-yah (3x), Ka-reer 3x,Tat-lee-yah 3x,Toh-ran 3x Maz-jal 3x
Baz-jal 3xTahr-qab 3x Bar-hash 3x Ghal-mash 3x, Cho-teer 3x, Qal-in-hod 3x,Bar-
shan 3x Katz-heer 3x Namoh Shelech 3x Berhayola 3x Bash-kee-lach 3x Qaz Maz
3x An-ghala-leet 3x Qa-ba-rat 3x Gha-ya-ha 3x Kayed-ho-la 3x Shem-cha-her 3x
Shem-ha-heer 3x Bak-hat-hon-yah 3x Ba-sha-resh 3x To-nesh 3x Shem-cha- Ba-
roch 3x

Respond O hosts of spiritual spirits, O honored pure and chaste angels, O entities of
essence and ghost of Light, by the privilege of this noble Oath over you and its
obedience among you. I avow and assert on you by the knower of all that is hidden and
visible, the Great and Exalted, and by the names of your covenant on the door of the
great temple Ba’al Saqesh Maharaqesh, Mahraqesh, Aqshamqesh, Aqshamqesh,
Aqshamqesh, Shaqmonhesh, Shaqmonhesh. I swear upon these, O you spiritual
rouhanianh, to help Mr. --- win his court case. with a ray from the world of the
spirits of 72 Angels of the SHEMAMPHORASH Let these SIGIL OF MICHAEL
become a living covenant between me (full name) and the spirits/Angels of the
SHEMAMPHORASH, so that by the request written on the parchment were in is
contained the SIGIL OF MICHAEL, one of the 72 Angels of the SHEMAMPHORASH,

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