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Pack Challenge

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asked quietly as she brushed his hair out of his eyes. “That howling I heard that
wasn’t like the others. The one I felt…” She closed her eyes for a moment, the
memory washing over her. “It was you.” She repeated as her gaze focused on
him. “You called to me.”

Zach didn’t reply. He didn’t have to. She already knew the answer. Instead
he gripped his mate tight around her hips, pulling her into him. Sara nuzzled her
face against his as she trapped him against the tree with her long body.

“I thought you wanted to go eat?” He growled as he felt her hands move
down his body. A few more inches and she wasn’t going anywhere anytime

“You better fuck me first, wolf.” Her hand unzipped his jeans and slid inside.
“Your mate’s starving.”

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