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The personal horror stories
of Marriage and Divorce
in New Jersey.

The divorced people of New Jersey have paid for this book with
their lives: lives that have been shattered, crushed and ruined —
and will remain so until the unjust alimony laws are changed.

Shattered Lives


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Actual Un-Edited Stories of people’s live that are ruined by the Family Court System and Antiquated Alimony Laws in New Jersey
Compiled for New Jersey Alimony Reform 1092 St. Georges Ave. #141 Rahway , NJ 07065

Are the People of New Jersey Interested in Alimony Reform?

Asbury Press Newspaper article on Alimony Reform
draws 1,089 Recommendations…

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Horror Story
Length of Marriage : 1 7 years

Married for 17 years. Divorced in 2005, alimony based on income at the
time. Alimony payments $5000 per month plus half 401 K plus half life insur-
ance policy plus an 80/20 split on expenses for our 2 children. At age 59 I
now have a $ 120,000 student loan I signed for my children of which mine is
the 80%. I have no problem paying for their school and expenses but the 80 /
20 split is lopsided.

Also ex-wife went back to school and got her Masters, got a job worked
for a little over a year or so, quit her job didn’t get fired or replaced, are the
courts making life a little to easy,with the current state of the job market how
and why do you give up a job making decent money, oh yea because you
have alimony every month of every year.

I have no problem being responsible for my situation but there needs to
be a time limit on how long one has to pay.

I committed no crime but have a life sentence.


Tom Pichi
Tenafly, New Jersey
[email protected]

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Thank you very much for reviewing the case for New Jersey
Alimony Reform, and for your consideration in helping to moderniz-
ing the ailing alimony laws of New Jersey.
The current harsh and unjust laws are criminalizing innocent
people, guilty of nothing but a failed marriage and their desire to get
on with their lives.
Alimony laws in New Jersey are crushing people, and ruining
their lives. The tragic affect is tearing apart families, making warring
enemies of each party and forcing children to choose one parent or
the other.
The problem is in the law. It is also further dramatically amplified
by so called “Family Court,” omnipotent judges who are not respon-
sible to anyone - where absolute power corrupts absolutely, and
matrimonial attorneys who see their clients as an easy income stream,
fabricating items to argue, then litigating every one they can, churning
accounts until divorcing parties have no monies left.
Please help us with our goal of creating change to a more fair and
responsive system. Thank you.

This book was contributed by people who care
that their friends, relatives and fellow New Jersey
colleagues lives have been shattered by an unfair court system
and unfair set of laws.
We will never stop our pursuit of fairness and justice.

Please join and support
the People of
Thank you.

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