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The Embrace of Cold Architects
The Tears of Eridanus
	Kumari: One
	Minshara: One
	Kumari: Two
	Minshara: Two
	Kumari: Three
	Minshara: Three
	Kumari: Four
	Minshara: Four
	Kumari: Five
	Minshara: Five
	Kumari: Six
Honor in the Night
	1: Nuevos Angeles Colony, Sherman’s Planet, 2267
	2: Atlanta, Georgia, 2366
	3: Klingon Capital City Hochbutlh, Sherman’s Planet, 2273
	4: Paris, France, 2366
	5: Zenith Colony, Benecia, Alpha Quadrant, 2275
	6: FNS Center, New York City, 2366
	7: Deep Space Station K-7, 2288
	8: Klingon Deep Space Station Dugh naHjej, 2366
	9: Sherman’s Planet, 2268
	10: Klingon Deep Space Station Dugh naHjej, 2366
About the Authors
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Page 184

“They want access to IG technology?”
“Any kind of weaponry we can provide. This T’Pau wants to rule the planet,

and she will kill the whole outpost staff to do it.”
“You can’t give them that! They nearly wiped themselves out with nuclear

technology—imagine what they’ll do with an antimatter warhead!”
“You don’t have to tell me that. But we can’t even the outpost staff right

now, much less them.”
Hikaru and M’Benga were standing a short distance away from the tents, the

three troopers in a defensive circle around them to make sure none of the
Eridanians eavesdropped on their conversation. “Then we need to cooperate with
them just long enough to get a bead on the hostages,” concluded M’Benga.
“They don’t know the extent of our transporter technology—for all they know,
we can only beam in and out of the outpost.”
“Exactly,” said Hikaru, “and I intend to keep it that way. But first—I have a

call to make.” He pulled out his communicator and signaled .

“This T’Pau is not an easy customer,” he replied, sighing. “Any changes?”

“You going to get him if he doesn’t?” he asked. Yudrin’s dressing-downs
could be brutal.

Yudrin laughed.

“I need you to pass on to th’Eneg and the others that the Eridanians’ telepathic
powers are touch-based. They need to avoid any and all physical contact with
them from now on.”

“They can amplify their powers with devices called ‘Stones,’ but we can’t do
anything about that. Do you have that patch-through to General Shras for me?”

had known he was leaving the job in the right hands. Shras might not appreciate
a forceful Andorian subordinate very much, but he would probably find it just
slightly more tolerable than a forceful human one.

“General, is it the Eridanians’ telepathic weaponry we’re after?”

Page 185

“By the Ice Caves of Poon, who told you that? Was it that fool Gav? I’ll have
him shot.”

“If you say so. I suppose it doesn’t matter. Seeing as you’ve
now made contact with the natives, I would have given you your additional
orders anyway.”

“You are to do everything within your power to secure the cooperation of the
Eridanians. The IG needs those telepathic weapons for itself, and if possible, the
expertise in using them. We’d hoped to gain the knowledge simply through
observation, but it looks like that won’t be an option.”

“Precisely. Prefect M’Ress has sent word to the field marshal that the
government’s been unable to extract any reassurances from Chancellor Korrd
so far—so your mission is now of the importance.”


“If that’s what it takes, then give them what they want. 36A-2B is insignificant
in the current situation. We’ve got a thousand Aenar here, ready and waiting for
whatever you manage to bring back.”

“The lives of
a small number of IU citizens are insignificant when compared to the
Klingon threat. As I said, your orders are to do everything within your power.
Interstellar Headquarters out.”

Page 368

About the Authors

DAVID R. GEORGE III has visited the universe many times in his
writing. His novels have appeared on the and
bestseller lists, and his episode, “Prime Factors,” received a
nomination for a award in the category “Best Writing in a Genre
Television Show or Telefilm.” His most recent work, the trilogy,
comprises the novels , and

, which helped celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the
original . Three other novels— (which appears in

place in the milieu. Another novel, ,
and a novella, (which is contained in the anthology

), are so-called tales, set in the years between the
original and . David also wrote “Deep Into That
Darkness Peering,” an introduction to the omnibus, and he has
also penned nearly a dozen articles for . His forthcoming
novel, , returns to the twenty-fourth century to explore a
divided Romulan empire and the nascent Typhon Pact, and features the principal
characters of Spock and Benjamin Sisko. Outside of , David’s
novelette, “Moon Over Luna,” appears in the anthology

Born and raised in New York City, David presently makes his home in
southern California, where he lives with his delectable wife, Karen. They are
both aficionados of the arts—books, theater, museums, film, music, dance—and
they can often be found partaking in one or another of them. They also love to
travel, and are particularly fond of Paris, Venezia, Roma, Hawai’i, New York
City, and the Pacific Northwest. They also enjoying taking cruises, and
following their beloved—though frequently heartbreaking—New York Mets.
No animals were harmed in the writing of this author bio.

STEVE MOLLMANN is a Ph.D. student in literature at the University of
Connecticut, where he spends his time studying the depiction of science and
technology in fiction, especially during the Victorian period of British history.
His first publication was co-written with Michael Schuster, a Scotty novella
called , which was reprinted this summer in

Page 369

of Engineers: What’s Past. They also wrote two short stories for Star Trek: The
Next Generation: The Sky’s the Limit, and their first full-length novel, Star Trek:
A Choice of Catastrophes, will be released in 2011. In addition to his fiction
publications with Michael, Steve has also written an article on The War of the
Worlds for English Literature in Transition. He resides in Willimantic,
Connecticut, with his wife, Hayley, and their two cats, but he will always be a
Cincinnatian at heart, even if he technically never has been by geography.

lives in a picturesque Austrian mountain valley, with
half a continent and one entire ocean between him and Steve Mollmann. A bank
employee by day, he likes to come up with new (or at least relatively unused)
ideas that can be turned into stories with loving care and the occasional nudge.
Currently, the two are hard at work building their own universe-sized sandbox to
play in. More information about them (as well as background information about
their stories, including The Tears of Eridanus) can be found at

has published humor, poetry, short stories, reviews, and
nonfiction. “Out of the Jacuzzi, Into the Sauna,” his not-entirely-serious mystery
story, is available in the anthology Resort to Murder. “Finders Keepers” resides
in Full Throttle Space Tales #3: Space Grunts, edited by Dayton Ward. His
poetry has appeared in the online magazines Strange Horizons and Down in the
Cellar, as well as in various print magazines and anthologies, most recently in
Paper Crow. He contributed the discography to Whole Lotta Led Zeppelin: The
Illustrated History of the Heaviest Band of All Time. He never really knows what
he’s going to do next.
Scott’s first published Star Trek story, “Full Circle,” appeared in Strange New

Worlds VII, followed by “Terra Tonight” in Strange New Worlds 9. His story
“Among the Clouds” is in the Star Trek: The Next Generation twentieth
anniversary anthology The Sky’s the Limit. He has also written for the official
Star Trek magazine. Honor in the Night is his first published novel.
Scott works as an editor for Zenith Press, a history publisher in Minneapolis,

and X-comm, a regional history publisher in Duluth, Minnesota. Scott lives near
the banks of the mighty Mississippi River, fabled in story and song, in
personable St. Paul, Minnesota, with his wife, Sandra, and daughter, Ella. Visit
him on the web at,, and

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