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that a Grisha could have only one amplifier in his or her lifetime and that once a
Grisha owned an amplifier, it could be possessed by no one else:

The reason for this wasn’t entirely clear to me, but it seemed to have
something to do with a check on Grisha power.

Another philosopher wrote,

Sitting beneath the library’s glass dome, I thought of the Black Heretic. The
Darkling had said that the Shadow Fold was the result of his ancestor’s greed.
Was that what the philosophers meant by consequences? For the first time, it
occurred to me that the Fold was the one place where the Darkling was helpless,
where his powers meant nothing. The Black Heretic’s descendants had suffered
for his ambition. Still, I couldn’t help but think that it was Ravka that had been
made to pay in blood.

FALL TURNED TO WINTER, and cold winds stripped the branches in the
palace gardens bare. Our table was still laden with fresh fruit and flowers
furnished from the Grisha hothouses, where they made their own weather. But
even juicy plums and purple grapes did little to improve my appetite.
Somehow I’d thought that my conversation with the Darkling might change

something in me. I wanted to believe the things he’d said, and standing by the
lakeshore, I almost had. But nothing changed. I still couldn’t summon without
Baghra’s help. I still wasn’t truly a Grisha.
All the same, I felt a bit less miserable about it. The Darkling had asked me to

trust him, and if he believed that the stag was the answer, then all I could do was
hope he was right. I still avoided practicing with the other Summoners, but I let
Marie and Nadia drag me to the a couple of times and to one of the ballets
at the Grand Palace. I even let Genya put a little color in my cheeks.
My new attitude infuriated Baghra.
“You’re not even trying anymore!” she shouted. “You’re waiting for some

magical deer to come save you? For your pretty necklace? You might as well

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wait for a unicorn to put its head in your lap, you stupid thing.”
When she started railing at me, I just shrugged. She was right. I was tired of

trying and failing. I wasn’t like the other Grisha, and it was time I accepted that.
Besides, some rebellious part of me enjoyed driving her into a tizzy.
I didn’t know what punishment Zoya had received, but she continued to

ignore me. She’d been barred from the training rooms, and I’d heard she would
be returning to Kribirsk after the winter fete. Occasionally, I caught her glaring
at me or giggling behind her hand with her little group of Summoner friends, but
I tried not to let it get to me.
Still, I couldn’t shake the sense of my own failure. When the first snow came,

I woke to find a new waiting for me on my door. It was made of heavy
midnight blue wool and had a hood lined in thick golden fur. I put it on, but it
was hard not to feel like a fraud.
After picking at my breakfast, I made the familiar walk to Baghra’s cottage.

The gravel paths, cleared of snow by Inferni, sparkled beneath the weak winter
sun. I was almost all the way to the lake when a servant caught up with me.
She handed me a folded piece of paper and bobbed a curtsy before scurrying

back up the path. I recognized Genya’s handwriting.

Malyen Oretsev’s unit has been stationed at the Chernast outpost
in northern Tsibeya for six weeks. He is listed as healthy. You
can write to him care of his regiment.
The Kerch ambassadors are showering the Queen with gifts.

Oysters and sandpipers packed in dry ice (vile) and almond
candies! I’ll bring some by tonight.—G

Mal was in Tsibeya. He was safe, alive, far from the fighting, probably
hunting winter game.
I should be grateful. I should be glad.

I’d been writing to him care of his
regiment for months.
I thought of the last letter I’d sent.

, I’d written.

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Thanks to my agent and champion, Joanna Stampfel-Volpe. I feel lucky every
day to have her on my side, as well as the wonderful team at Nancy Coffey
Literary: Nancy, Sara Kendall, Kathleen Ortiz, Jaqueline Murphy, and Pouya
My sharp-eyed and intuitive editor, Noa Wheeler, believed in this story and

knew exactly how to make it better. Many thanks to the remarkable people at
Holt Children’s and Macmillan: Laura Godwin, Jean Feiwel, Rich Deas and
April Ward in design, and Karen Frangipane, Kathryn Bhirud, and Lizzy Mason
in marketing and publicity. I’d also like to thank Dan Farley and Joy Dallanegra-
Sanger. Shadow and Bone could not have found a better home.
My generous readers, Michelle Chihara and Josh Kamensky, lent me their

supergenius brains and cheered me on with relentless enthusiasm and patience.
Thanks also to my brother Shem for his art and long-distance hugs, Miriam “Sis”
Pastan, Heather Joy Kamensky, Peter Bibring, Tracey Taylor, the Apocalypsies
(especially Lynne Kelly, Gretchen McNeil, and Sarah J. Maas, who gave me my
first review), my fellow WOART Leslie Blanco, and Dan Moulder, who was lost
to the river.
I blame Gamynne Guillote for fostering my megalomania and encouraging my

love of villains, Josh Minuto for introducing me to epic fantasy and making me
believe in heroes, and Rachel Tejada for way too many late-night movies.
Hedwig Aerts, my fellow pirate queen, put up with long hours of late-night
typing. Erdene Ukhaasai diligently translated Russian and Mongolian for me
over Facebook. Morgan Fahey kept me in cocktails, conversation, and delicious
fiction. Dan Braun and Michael Pessah kept the beat.
Many books helped to inspire Ravka and bring it to life, including Natasha’s

Dance: A Cultural History of Russia, by Orlando Figes; Land of the Firebird:
The Beauty of Old Russia, by Suzanne Massie; and Russian Folk Belief, by
Linda J. Ivanits.
And finally, many thanks to my family: my mother, Judy, whose faith never

wavered, and who was first in line to order her kefta; my father, Harve, who was
my rock, and whom I miss every day; and my grandfather Mel Seder, who
taught me to love poetry, seek adventure, and throw a punch.

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Summary: Orphaned by the Border Wars, Alina Starkov is taken from obscurity
and her only friend, Mal, to become the protégée of the mysterious Darkling,

who trains her to join the magical elite in the belief that she is the Sun
Summoner, who can destroy the monsters of the Fold.

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