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3. Company products : the following are the famous products of

3.1. .Liza : It is a woman footwear brand in Pakistan) introduced in 1993. Liza is the most
recognized women’s footwear brand in Pakistan. This is primarily a casual and a comfort wear
shoe, its wide variety caters to different occasions and moods of a woman with a happening
lifestyle. The product range comprises slippers, sandals, and shoes. Lightweight, comfort and
style are important for Liza women and styling is to appeal a casual lifestyle with stylish smart
look. Brand’s recent campaign, “Liza: The Fun Side of Life” revolves around today’s woman
who lives an active lifestyle. Wherever she goes, people get distracted by her shoes and charm.
The ad features leading models Mehreen Raheel and Mikaal Zulfiqar in an on-screen chemistry
that’s hard to miss. Liza promises to offer a balance of comfort with modern styling for today’s

3.2. Don Carlos, the first men’s mega brand in Pakistan, made its debut in the shoe market at
a time when brand building was in its infancy. With an intriguing and an exciting brand
personality, Don Carlos over a period of years has inevitably become men’s style leader in the
footwear industry. The brand features fine craftsmanship and distinctive designs with hand-
crafted details and cutting-edge quality. Don Carlos promises to unlock a world of possibilities
for today’s man.

3.3. NDURE: Launched in 2008, NDURE is a recent addition to the SSC
brand portfolio. It offers a platform of convergence for the new generation.
The product range comprises casual, formal and sports’ shoes for men and
women, focused on the urban lifestyle across a broad band of styling,
ranging from basic to fashion. SSC offers this brand primarily focusing on
urban consumers and is in sync with the global trends, a brand that is young
at heart.

3.4. Cheetah is Pakistan’s leading sports and performance footwear brand.
Over the years, the brand has developed a cult following among sportsmen
and has come to symbolize the sportsman’s spirit. It has been endorsed
over the years by sporting legends including Javed Miandad, Jansher Khan,
and Shahid Afridi. Today, the brand offers cutting edge designs for a variety
of sports including Cricket, Football, Tennis, Hiking, Outdoor & Basketball. It
has one of the most coveted collections of running shoes. New initiatives by
the brand include its women’s range of performance sport and casual shoes.
as a brand, Cheetah symbolizes passion and has no parallel on the ground.

3.5. Calza is a brand that has its inspiration rooted deep in Pakistan and its
culture. It is a brand for the man who faces challenges of his everyday life
with a smile; striving for more, but doesn’t forget where he belongs. Popular

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