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TitleServicescape Analysis - KFC Dunkin
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KFC & Dunkin’ Donuts

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Prof. Ranbir Sodhi

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We would like express our gratitude to Prof. Ranbir Sodhi for his guidance in this project. We
would also like to thank the staff at KFC and Dunkin Donuts to help us in our study with their
valuable inputs and time.

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(b) Dunkin’ Donuts

Parameter Finding

Color & Decor Theme decor. Light blue color walls. Black colors heads/brains in 2-D

over the wall. Each brain having some ideas, some blank. Creative &

unique interior. (Exhibit-3 & 4)

Lighting Adequate lights.

Cleanliness Only the table cleaned after the customers left, seating area of booth

was not clean. Flies at the noon time.


Seating Seating area divided into three areas. Can accommodate a large group

of 8-10 people on the same table. (Exhibit-5)

Smell Pure smell of Food

Temperature Normal

Menu & Signage Clear & detailed (Exhibit-6)

Employee Response Excellent

Consultation Excellent

Food Quality Good

Packaging Extraordinary

Waiting Time 4 minutes in non-peak hours. 6 minutes in the evening hours.

Payment Flexibility Accept all cards, meal coupons (Sodexho) not accepted.

Billing Easy to understand all the taxes.

Parking No Parking

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(a) KFC

 It has the advantage of being located at Caculo Mall. Hence, provide customers the

facility of parking & enjoy their meal carefree.

 Understaffing which affects the service time & increases the waiting time for customers.

 Cleanliness needs to be paid attention towards. Old seats, dirty table & flies create the

 No special care taken to maintain the aroma in the restaurant. Customers can smell

chicken which should be paid attention to, as vegetarians may not be comfortable about

the same.

 The music & interior décor targets the youth.

(b) Dunkin’ Donuts

 Fast service & excellent employee response & consultation to customers.

recognize/ hear clearly.

 The interior does not target any particular age group as the customers can interpret

theme in various ways & relate to it. Moreover, the unique interior gives a unique

experience too.

 The provider does not have any parking space thus at peak time it becomes difficult to

find parking around the store.

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Dunkin: Seating

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Dunkin: Menu Display

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