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A relative or friend will send others tracts, bulletins

or papers such as this one in an effort to teach them the
word of God. In some cases the one to whom the paper
is sent requests that his name be removed from our
mailing list. That is always done with all who do not
want to receive this paper. But I have received
requests in the past from the elders of some
congregation requesting that we delete the names of
all in their congregation who receive our publication,
even if the persons receiving it requested it them-
selves. Now I do not intend to withhold publishing
truth because someone believes he is the guardian of
what others should read in the search for divine truth.

Roman Catholicism controls its membership
through a tight system of censoring its membership as
to reading material. This, of course, presents the mem-
bership with no alternative but to read what is
prescribed by their rulers. They have no choice in sear-
ching all the evidence to ascertain the truth of God's

About sixteen years ago, when I was editing SEAR-
CHING THE SCRIPTURES, I received payment
to send this journal to a number of members of the
congregation that person attended. About three
months later I received a letter from the elders of that
congregation submitting "a humble and sincere
request" not to send the members of that congregation
this religious journal any more. I was told that they
hoped I would "respect the autonomy of that
congregation and the authority of its eldership."

I am amazed that so many elders do not know what
the "autonomy" of a congregation is and what the
"authority" of the eldership involves. What authority
do elders have to decide for the flock what they shall
read in the search for divine truth? Where do they find
the verse that authorizes the elders to decide what the
members of the congregation shall or shall not read? It
is possible for the elders themselves to speak "perverse
things, to draw away disciples after them" (Acts
20:30). Are they infallible that they know what mature
men and women should and should not read? I don't
think so!

The rule of elders requires them to "feed the flock of
God which is among" them (1 Pet. 5:2), but that does not
permit them to be "lords" to censor the reading
material of the flock and decide for them what truth is.
The word of God tells exactly how the elders are to
stop the mouths of vain talkers. This would include
"the pens of vain writers." They do this by "holding
fast the faithful word as he has been taught, that he
may be able by sound doctrine both to exhort and to
convince the gainsayers ' (Titus 1:9). Instead of cen-
soring the reading material of the members, the elders
should use sound doctrine to expose the errors of the
speaker or writer, and then the soundless of the flock
will rest in the power of God's word and not in the
opinions of the elders as they try to evaluate the
writings of other men.

There is not one word in the New Testament about
the eldership having "authority" to decide for the
church what they shall read in learning the truth of
God. Roman Catholicism has listed the forbidden
books their members are not to read, but do we refuse
to try to teach Catholics God's truth in order to
respect the "autonomy" of the Catholic Church and
the "authority" of Catholic priests? No man has the
right to think for another.

This matter of autonomy of congregations is so
misunderstood by many that it is ridiculous how they
try to use it. The word means "self-governing" or
" self-ruling." This rule does not extend into the area of
legislation: the making of laws. Christ is the only law
giver (Jas. 4:12). Autonomy does not involve the
judicial, for Christ is to be the judge of the destiny of

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all men. The only area of autonomy (self-governing) is
in doing the will of Christ without outside control. It
means that each church is completely independent in
doing its own work as directed by the New Testament.
Some elders will send their own funds to another elder-
ship to control and spend as they please, and cry: "We
are not losing our autonomy." But when a preacher,
who is authorized to "go into all the world and preach
the gospel to every creature" sends teaching material
to members of any congregation, they cry: "Violating

Preachers are to "preach the word; be instant in
season, out of season" (2 Tim. 4:2); they are to do so
with all authority (Titus 2:15); they are to teach what
Paul taught (2 Tim. 2:2). They are to rebuke even elders
when they sin (1 Tim. 5:20).

I certainly agree that the elders (when scripturally
qualified) have the oversight to guide the flock into all
truth, and they are directed to the word of God as their
authority (Acts 20:35; Titus 1:9). But they do not do so
by censoring the reading material of the members.
They expose the error of false teachers by sound doc-
trine so that those under their oversight may know the
difference between truth and error. I do not intend to
allow any group of men, in the church or out of the
church, to tell me to whom I shall try to teach God's
eternal truth. I have the whole world in which to
preach, and the authority of Christ to preach the
gospel. What more do I need? Neither is this intended
to reflect upon the scriptural responsibility of elders to
watch against false teachers as they tend the flock
which is among them.

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To: all men attending the monthly business

meetings. Subject: saving time when
discussing various

proposed programs, ideas, projects, etc. or
when asked to perform some task. Much

of our t ime is taken up in expressions of
disagreement to ideas brought forth. In order to save
time, from now on instead of a lengthy verbalization of
those objections, please simply refer to the number of
said objection listed below (each man will be given
such a list, with extra copies going to those most likely
to wear them out). Example: Brother A says "I'd like to
see us buy some

filmstrips" Brother B says "Number 1"
and his point is made.

BUSINESS MEETINGS (to be expanded as new
objections are raised)

#1—Jesus and/or the Apostles never used those
things and they did all right without 'em.

#2—We've never done it that way before.
#3—We've always done it this way.
#4—We tried to do it that way once before and it

didn't work.
#5—People/things are different nowadays-that

won't work.
#6—I just never have been any good at it.
#7—I'll do anything else but don't ask me to

#8—I don't do anything unless I'm told. I got
chewed out once for steppin' out on my own.

#9—I forgot all about that,
#10—I just don't think that that is that important. #
11—Get somebody else this time. #12—I'm so busy I
can't get to it right now. Maybe

#13—I thought I told somebody else to do that.
#14—Let's discuss it in detail at the next meeting-

we're out of time. The above is free to
use to the glory of God!

, Send all News Items to: Wilson Adams, 6334 Auburn Ave., Riverdale, MD 20737

PAUL A. BRUCE, 502 Main Avenue, St. Maries, ID 83861. The
church here in St. Maries, Idaho has now been in existence for ten
years. This is the only church in this area that stands up for the
truth and opposes the doctrine of institutionalism. Presently we
have 16 members with attendance in the twenties. We have several
visitors coming to our services and have many Bible studies going on
during the week. The brethren here have a good attitude and are growing
spiritually, However, I have had to inform the brethren here that
unless I receive more support in the near future that, because of my
financial obligations to my family, I will be forced to move, When we
discussed the situation of the needed support with the congregation,
they all voiced their hopes that we would be able to remain. Several of
the members are now writing letters and calling churches in other
parts of the country to see if they could help us. They expressed their
concern that brethren elsewhere might not want to or be able to help,
and they are afraid that once again they will be without a preacher. To
some of you who have heard many preachers, you may be thinking
that they can get someone else in a few weeks. This is not the case
here, where they have had only one other preacher before me. He only
remained here for one year. Now they face being alone again. It's
discouraging, and makes them feel that they might not be important
enough to merit help. I have grown to love these people as my own
family. This work MUST go on, but it will only if you can help. My
family and I have sold almost everything we had to be able to come
here. The members have given us food, money, and clothing to help
us. My family of six has lived on $500 to $700 per month for the last
several months. But the Lord has helped us through the toughest
months. Can you possibly help us? For more information you may call:
Barney Cargile of Post Falls, ID at (208) 773-9734, or Samuel Dawson

of Amarillo, TX at (806) 352-2809, or Henry Kirkland of Napa, CA
at (707) 253-0215. Or you may call me at (208) 245-2698. For your
careful consideration, I thank you.

JIMMY TUTEN, 7911 Country Dr., Mobile, AL 36609. The first of
April finds the work at Tillman's Corner moving into full swing.
More involvement on the part of the brethren in the work is evident. We
have completed some work on the building and on the land. We are at
peace. During the first three months of 1982 we baptized three and
had three restored. Also six identified with us, Come visit us! Phone
(206) 666-5769.

KEITH WARD, Rt. 2, Box 736, Lake Butler, FL 32054. On January 1,
1982, I began work with the Danville church near Lake Butler, FL.
Danville is two years old, young in membership, but positive in outlook.
We have begun a weekly article in a local paper, put a tract rack in the
laundromat, begun door knocking, and improved our class teaching. As
a result, we have had some visitors and a greater interest by our own
members. I am interested in hearing about some inexpensive methods
of getting the gospel out to people. At this time I am still short $400 a
month in support. If you can help, please contact me.

LOREN T. STEPHENS, 325 Kessler Blvd., Seymour, IN 47274. After
five and a half years with the church here in Seymour, I will be moving
to work with the West Main St. congregation in Easley, SC the first
week in June, 1982. The work here has been encouraging and profitable
spiritually. During the last five years there have been 18 souls baptized,
45 confessions of sin, and 34 to place membership. There was an over-
all increase in membership from 56 to 75, with a similar increase in
contribution. The congregation now has

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Page 16

For a number of centuries, the church of Rome has
been gradually developing the worship (cultus) of
Mary, the mother of Jesus. By the year 1913, the first
use of the word "Coredemptrix" was used in a papal
encyclical, Sunt Quos Amo, wherein the faithful
Roman Catholics were instructed to include the name
of Mary with that of her Son in their prayers.

In 1891, pope Leo XIII referred to Mary as a
"Mediatrix", that is, a female mediator, even though
Holy Scripture stipulates "For there is one God, and
one mediator also between God and men, the man
Christ Jewus" (1 Tim. 2:5).

Perhaps the earliest effort toward elevating Mary to
a position of deity, occurred in the early centuries when
the Douay-Rheims Version of Genesis 3:15, read: "I
will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy
seed and her seed: she shall crush thy head, and thou
shalt lie in wait for her heel." (Underscoring mine.
L.W.M.) This use of the feminine pronouns, was first
introduced by Jerome's Latin Vulgate in the late 4th
century. There is NO textual basis whatsoever, for
inserting the female pronouns in Gen. 3:15, yet this
is exactly what Rome has tried to palm off on the

The Masoretic Text of Gen. 3:15, according to the
Jewish Publication Society of America, reads "And I
will put enmity between thee and the woman, and
between thy seed and her seed; they shall bruise thy
head, and thou shalt bruise their heel." Notice that the
Jews tend to minimize this as being a prophecy of
the coming Messiah, Christ, by removing the
masculine pronouns, and rendering it is neuter,
plural, i.e. they, their.

Bagster's English Translation of the Septuagint
Version, reads: "And I will put enmity between thee
and the woman and between thy seed and her seed, he
shall watch against thy head, and thou shalt watch
against his heel." Notice that this is singular and

masculine, i.e., he, his.
Kittel's Biblia Hebraica, gives no textual variant

that would allow the change from "he" to "she" or
"his" to "her". Also, from the standpoint of the
context, it was a promise to Eve, that her masculine
seed (Christ) would conquer and overcome Satan. The
first man, by which sin came into the race of man,
was Adam, while the "last Adam" was Christ,
who brought salvation and eternal life to the race of

Let us check several other translations of the
passage under study:

King James II Version
". . . . He will bruise your head, and you shall bruise

His heel."
New American Standard

". . .. He shall bruise you on the head, and you shall
bruise him on the heel."

Ferrar Fenton Translation
". . . . He shall wound your head, and you shall

wound His heel."
New American Bible (Catholic)

". . . . He will strike at your head, while you strike at
his heel." Note: This modern Catholic Version departs
from the erroneous Douay-Rheims rendering.

Revised Standard Version
".. . . He shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise

his heel."
American Standard Version

".... He shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise
his heel."

The Catholic Council known as Vatican II, embraced

all the erroneous terms and expressions that tend to
raise Mary to position of Deity. For evidence of this
Catholic duplicity, I suggest that you read,
"Documents of Vatican II", Edited by Walter Abbott,
and published by Geoffrey Chapman, in London, 1967.

WHEN YOU MOVE—Please allow two
months for change of address notices. We have a
cut-off date for changes each month. Thanks for
your help.

Send all News Items to: Wilson Adams, 6334 Auburn Ace., Riverdale, MD 20737

ALAN BAILEY, 301 Huntington St., Huntington Beach, CA
92648. My family and I have, after much prayer, decided to move to
work with the sound church in St. Joseph, Missouri. This
congregation has been searching for a preacher for some time. They

are willing and ready to go to work and are in a situation which
promises to be fruitful. The institutional church in St. Joseph has
been practically taken over by a very liberal preacher that leans
toward Pentecostalism. Because of this, several have withdrawn
themselves from that congregation and have placed their mem-

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