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Capillary films, or Autotype Capillex films are direct photostencil films.
This is an easy, quick, and fool-proof method of preparing your stencil. It is excellent for T-shirts
with fine detail, as well as decals.

1) In safe light or in subdued artificial light, cut the film size required (larger than artwork) for the
job. Return remaining film immediately to the original tube or box and seal in plastic.

2) Thoroughly wet both sides of the prepared mesh.
3) Check to be sure the film is dust-free, and apply the dull side of the film to the underside or print

side of the screen.
4) With a light spray (a window cleaner bottle is ideal) soak all "white" spots with water. These

spots indicate where the film has not adhered.
5) Using a clean squeegee, gently scrape off (Do Not Rub) excess water using a light even stroke,

from the SQUEEGEE SIDE OF THE SCREEN. Blot (Do Not Rub) excess water on the underside
of the screen with unprinted newsprint.

6) Allow screen to dry horizontally in safe-light area with underside (print side) of screen facing up.
A fan will speed up drying time. Do not use heat to dry the film. It will cause damage and be
impossible to expose.

7) When completely dry, remove polyester (clear) backing sheet before exposing. The clear backing
sheet is easy to remove from dry film. If it seems difficult, increase the drying time.

Duracoat, Resistal, Autosol Fast, and Autosol
Plus Clear are direct emulsions.
This method is quite a bit cheaper than using the capillex film, but is not as fast and easy. All emul-
sions are supplied as two-piece lit consisting of an emulsion base (large container) and a diazo sensi-
tizer (small container).

1) Fill the sensitizer bottle 4/5 full with warm water and shake until the sensitizer is fully and

completely dissolved.
2) Pour the sensitizer solution into the emulsion base and stir in thoroughly with a plastic or

wooden stirrer until you see no more streaks. The emulsion is now light sensitive.
3) Allow it to sit, tightly covered in a dark place, for at least 1/2 hour once sensitized, to allow air

bubbles to escape.
4) The emulsion is now ready for coating onto a screen. Once mixed it will last about 3 months,

longer in the fridge, but keep it tightly covered and out of light.

underside or print side squeegee side

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