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                            Salubrious Living
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	Salubrious Living [ Book ] Chapter I.
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Author: Ben Klassen
Format: Paperback

Creativity Book Publisher
Pub. Date: 1982

Salubrious Living

00. Salubrious Living - Introduction
01. The Search for Youth
02. The Myth of Medical Progress
03. The Hygienic System
04. The Nature of Disease
05. The Foods of Civilization
06. The Foods of Primitive Man
07. Don't Cook Your Foods
08. The Fruitarian Diet
09. How to Plan Your Meals
10. The Best Sources of Minerals and Vitamins
11. Soil and Food
12. Nature's Supreme Healing Agency
13. The Value of Heliotherapy
14. Building Strength and Health Through Exercise
15. Some Common Ailments
16. Why Lose Your Teeth?
17. Better Vision Without Glasses
18. Building Strong Feet
19. Keep Your Hair
20. The Needs of Infants and Growing Children
21. To Build Beauty You Must Build Health
22. Eugenics and the Survival of the White Race

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Salubrious Living - Introduction

The term "Salubrious Living" is a nomenclature I have coined as part and parcel of a very important facet of our religious creed
and program set forth by the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR. The word "salubrious" comes from the Latin word "salubris"
meaning "healthy; wholesome; sound; useful; vigorous". Webster's dictionary defines the English derivative "salubrious" as: 1.
favorable to, or promoting health or well being; invigorating; 2. spiritually wholesome; conducive to good results". It is in this
context of fully promoting the health and well being of the White Race that we use this term in its true literal meaning.

We of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR want to differentiate this term from "Natural Hygiene popularly used for many decades
by health practitioners devoted to this worthy art and science. The two practices are in large part similar, but we prefer to use
the term Salubrious Living for two reasons (a) we go one step further than Natural Hygiene and include Eugenics as a vital part
of our philosophy and, (b) as I explain in the WHITE MAN'S BIBLE, "Natural Hygiene" is not the best choice of words in
describing what this subject is all about. Nevertheless we want to hereby acknowledge a large debt and deep gratitude to the
study of Natural Hygiene and its illustrious contributors who, together, have built this most valuable of all health philosophies.

The creed and program of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR is basically contained in two books. The first of these is
NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION and the second is THE WHITE MAN'S BIBLE. Basically the thrust of that creed is the
survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race and the White Race only. Together these two books comprise the
sacred books of CREATIVITY.

NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION was first published in 1973. In the second book, The WHITE MAN'S BIBLE (published in
1981) we amplify and expand our creed to further embrace areas such as physical health, mental health, nutrition, fasting,
environment and saving our productive soil, subjects not touched on in the first book. Among these subjects in the second
book, approximately nine chapters are devoted to the subject of SALUBRIOUS LIVING. These embrace all facets of healthful
living, how to regain health and how to keep it once it has been achieved.

These nine chapters also expose the hoax of medicine and drugs, of how the medical profession has set itself up as a semi-
religious autocracy, a powerful closed shop which dictates dogma and doctrine; of how with the aid of the government it
successfully uses strong-arm methods to keep all others out of its tremendously lucrative racket. All this it does for its own
selfish pecuniary interests, its own self-aggrandizement and to the detriment of a long suffering public.

In Salubrious Living we have an altogether different approach to the health problem. In fact, we categorically state that we
would have practically no health problems in the first place if we didn't through ignorance and stupidity create these problems
ourselves. This we do on the advice and at the instigation of our orthodox medical profession by poisoning ourselves with
medicines, drugs and chemicals, all of which are alien to our body and poisonous to our systems. We further exacerbate the
problem by bad nutrition and by bad choices of foods, by destroying the nutritional elements in even the good foods, and by
imbibing with the crippled foods large quantities of preservatives, additives and other chemicals, all of which are dire poison.

In the nine chapters of The WHITE MAN'S BIBLE on Salubrious Living we compress much of this information into a minimal
synopsis, all in the interest of saving space, since we have so much other ground to cover. All we have done basically in The
WHITE MAN'S BIBLE is to show which direction to go in, where the real values lie, and what to avoid. In no sense was it to
cover the subject comprehensively, because space does not allow. We did promise, however, that we would expand further in
another book.

In this book, SALUBRIOUS LIVING, we do just that. We expand on the subject of health in greater detail. It is in complete
conformity with the briefer chapters in The WHITE MAN'S BIBLE but it does not diverge into the many other vital subjects as
we do in the former book.

Outside of this introduction and the final chapter on Eugenics, both of which were written by myself, the entire balance of the
text has been written by Arnold DeVries, who compiled the study in an excellent book entitled "The Fountain of Youth". It is so
logical, so comprehensive, and being entirely based on the Eternal Laws of Nature, we embrace it as part of our own program
of A Sound Mind in a Sound Body in a Sound Society in a Sound Environment.

In order to define our program of Salubrious Living we again review the 14 basic points as set forth in The WHITE MAN'S
BIBLE. These 14 are:

1. We believe in living in accord with our human biological heritage and in harmony with the Laws of Nature.

2. This means eating fresh wholesome food in its natural state as Nature has given it to us. It must be uncooked, unprocessed,
unpreserved and not tampered with in any other way. This further means it must be organically grown, without the use of

Page 56

The dead remains of any of these forms of plant life- whether they be green manure crops, the residues of harvested crops, the
wild weeds and grasses- are turned over to the soil the end of each growing season and added to its supply of organic matter.

Any of the forms of green manure mentioned may be introduced into the surface of the soil with machinery if it necessary to
prepare a seed bed, as is of particular importance in the growth of annual grain crops. In such cases it important that the
proper forms of agricultural machine be employed. The implements to be used for such purposes must naturally vary to some
extent, depending upon the soil being used, but in most cases the very heavy type of disk harrows are found most practical. In
stony soils and tough sods heavy cultivators, equipped with chisel-form teeth, are necessary to scarify the soils so that the disk
harrow may take hold, and in rare instances initial plowing may be desirable, providing it is done shallow enough to permit the
subsequent disking to cut through the entire plowed layer of ground.

Thus far, in the employment of plow less methods of agriculture, the growth of green manure crops, followed by their
subsequent disking into the surface of the soil, has been followed most frequently in grain farming, and to a certain extent in
vegetable farming. The care of orchard land covered with perennial trees, bushes and small plants need not follow the same
pattern as the preparation of land for the seeding of annual grain crops. Covering the ground with a heavy layer of mulch, at
least a few inches thick, and maintaining this layer throughout the year, has been the most common method of restoring fertility
to orchard land, and will perhaps also be followed in restoring fertility to land covered with nut trees. The layer of mulch creates
new topsoil conditions in just a season or two. This method quickly removes many of the plant diseases and pests which have
long plagued fruit growers. The fruits attain a new level of palatability, possessing rich flavors and being of the finest quality.
Flat-tasting fruits, which are so common today, are absent when this form of soil culture is followed.

Whether one uses green manure crops or mulch to create fertile soil is also dependent upon the scale of farming being
followed. When the fertility of very large areas of land is to be restored, it is generally most practical to grow green manure
crops which provide the soil with plenty of plant residue within a short space of time. This is simpler and involves less work than
obtaining the plant residue elsewhere and spreading it over the ground in the form of mulch. On the other hand, where small
garden plots are developed, with the use of hand-tools rather than heavy machinery, it is generally most practical to spread
mulch over the surface of the ground. Sufficient plant residue, in the form of straw, leaves, weeds, twigs, etc., is usually
available in such cases to cover small areas with mulch and thus permit restoration of soil fertility.

Experiments have shown conclusively that no fertilizer other than green manure is necessary to restore the soil to a fertile
condition. Animal manure, colloidal minerals, lava, ashes, bone, lime, phosphoric acid and potash are all unnecessary if
sufficient quantities of green manure are provided for the soil. In fact, certain chemical fertilizers are destructive to earthworms
and thus interfere with the process of decay of organic matter in the soil. Such fertilizers are anything but beneficial and slow
the rate at which fertility is restored. Decaying vegetation is rich in all of the minerals which farmers attempt to supply with
artificial fertilizers. It is, in itself, a complete fertilizer.

Advocates of "organic gardening" with the use of compost question these facts, claiming as they do that animal manure or
other animal material is necessary in the soil to permit the best results. They may also question whether or not either green
manure or animal manure can successfully be used as a fertilizer unless it has first been decayed in compost heaps. Actually
the results of composting are very much the same as those of the surface incorporation of green manure. In fact there appear
to be certain advantages of letting the plant residue decay in and on the soil rather than in compost heaps, or we would not find
the addition of animal products to compost heaps necessary. It is quite possible that there are compensating factors in the soil
which make decay of green manure in its surface more beneficial than would such decay be in compost heaps.

Those who advocate compost for restoring soil fertility may also be reminded that decay of animal products occurs in the soil
whether these are added in the form of fertilizers or not. The great array of insect and worm life of the soil is itself continually
dying and giving way to new life. The decay of these organisms occurs side by side with decay of plant residue and adds to the
supply of the secondary sources of minerals for plant roots. By providing the soil with green manure we cannot avoid the
consequent development of animal life, which in turn dies and adds to the supply of decaying organic matter in the soil.

It is apparent that man has created his own soil problems. A simple observation of the healthy, luxurious growth of the
unplowed plains and forest shows that quite clearly. Man can speed Nature's method of soil culture but he cannot improve it.
The history of the science of agriculture is really the history of man's attempts to interfere with Nature's method of soil
fertilization. The greater the interference, the more successful the agriculturist thought his methods were. When he finally
arrived at the point where he found a way to plow the land deeper than ever, he acclaimed the new method as a great
improvement in agricultural science. As his plants became more and more deficient in vitamins and minerals, he intensified his
efforts to alter and interfere with Nature's plan of fertilization. Today agriculture can hardly be considered a science at all. It is
now speculating as to the practicability of breaking the land to depths of two or three feet with new equipment designed for that
purpose. Its chief work consists of creating soil which provides us with foods which contain only a fraction as many vitamins
and minerals as they should. Indirectly the modern science of agriculture, as it is taught in virtually all universities and practiced
on the farms, does much to lower the standard of health of the entire nation.


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What is needed is a science of agriculture which is concerned with the production of fruits, vegetables and other foods in terms
of quality rather than anything else. The aim should be to create foods which do not have to be sprayed with poisonous arsenic
and which are capable of meeting the vitamin and mineral needs of man. Soil culture is more closely related to hygiene than to
anything else. It should be considered from the standpoint of its effect upon human health rather than its effect upon any
special commercial enterprise. This does not mean that the farmer or anyone else need suffer under a rational system of
agriculture. It simply means that the production of foodstuffs should be conducted in the interests of all those who use the food
and that the financial welfare of no special agricultural group need be dependent upon any specific practices which happen to
be used. Whether or not this calls for placing agriculture on a purely functional basis may be a matter of some debate.
However, one thing is certain. There must be a radical revolution of all agricultural practice if foods which contain adequate
amounts of nutritive elements are to be made available. Without this change there can be no such thing as optimum health for
the nation as a whole.

Agricultural reform must be followed on a national scale if all are to profit therefrom. City-dwellers are dependent upon the
farmer for the production of their foodstuffs. They cannot use the mineral-rich, spray-free plants of fertile soils if the farmers do
not grow them. And the efforts of a few farmers are of little avail if the rest insist upon following agricultural orthodoxy. A
planned program of agricultural reform throughout the nation is the only solution.

Until such reform takes place you will have to continue eating foods which have been grown in depleted soil- that is, unless you
have a garden of your own. And this is all the more reason for using a natural diet. Even if the unrefined, uncooked foods you
eat do not contain as many vitamins and minerals as they should, they are still your best sources of these elements and your
best foods. The depletion of soil makes it doubly important that you use foods which have lost none of their vitamins and
minerals through the process of cooking and refining. You can't afford to take the chance of depriving yourself of these
elements in any more ways than you have to. Perhaps you can't get the best foods, but those you do obtain you can always eat
in their finest condition so as to meet as closely as possible the nutritive needs of the body.

Salubrious Living - 11
Depleted Soil: A Cause of Plant and Animal Deterioration

Page 111

generous gifts. On no other creature in all the billions of years life has existed on this earth has Nature so generously
dispensed as much INTELLIGENCE, CREATIVITY and PRODUCTIVITY AS SHE HAS ON THE White Race in just the last
instant of geologic time. No other creature has occupied such predominance, such exclusiveness, so much control over its own
environment and the destiny of other creatures as has the White Race in modern times. Without doubt, in the White Race
Nature has produced her highest creature, her Elite, with no even near rivals.

As with all other creatures, Nature has clearly told us, the White Race, the following: "What you do with your gifts and talents is
strictly up to you. Whether you survive or not as a species is strictly up to you also. Whether you squander or abuse these
precious gifts I have given you, that, too, is up to you. But I can promise you this: If you don't use these unusual attributes and
advantages for your own survival and upgrading, I will relegate you too to the scrap heap of evolution. It is up to you. I am
completely indifferent whether you survive or not".

The tragic fact of history in this last quarter of the twentieth century is that the White Race is not using its precious gifts, its
astounding advantages, its unique intelligence, for its own best interests.

Whereas there is no creature in geologic history that we know of that ever was dumb enough to say to an inferior species:
"Since you are weak, stupid and sluggish, we will subsidize you. Since you are having a hard time, we will hold back on our
own species, we will divert our food, labor and talents from our kind to yours so that you can multiply and crowd us off the face
of the earth. We will even go further. We are so insanely generous, we will mix our genes with yours to help upgrade yours,
although this will mean our own extinction."

No, in this respect no creature has ever taken such a dumb stance as has the White Race. It may be the most creative, the
most intelligent creature in technology, science, literature, arts and many other fields of endeavor that go to make up
civilization—but when it comes to looking to its own survival, its own upgrading of its species, keeping its own genetic health, to
the recognition of its natural enemies—in all these most vital aspects the White Race has most flagrantly flouted all of Nature's
laws and is more stupid than the lowly mud hen I observed on our slough in Canada. And for this flagrant violation the White
Race is beginning to pay dearly. If it does not soon change its course, Nature will exact its final punishment on the White Race-
Extinction. This is as certain as the extinction of the dodo and the dinosaur and this process is crashing about our ears at an
astounding speed, in fact, when we look at the multi-million year survival span of other species, the White Race might have one
of the shortest tenures in biological history.

It is not my objective here to re-capitulate the basics of Eugenics. This I have already covered in The WHITE MAN'S BIBLE
and need not be repeated here. The objective in this book is two fold: (a) to set forth a program for superb health and (b) to
make each member of the White Race keenly conscious of the fact that a creed, a program and religion exist that serves the
WHOLE man, the WHOLE society and the WHOLE environment in order that we may build a better world, a better society, a
better race and a healthier, happier and more capable individual.

The rest of the creed you will find in our two basic books, NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION and The WHITE MAN'S BIBLE.
Read them, study them and re-read them. Then go to work—distribute them, spread the word and help build a better world.
Help bring about the greatest blessing ever conceived for mankind in all its tumultuous history:


Salubrious Living - 22
Eugenics and the Survival of the White Race: By Ben Klassen, Founder

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