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                            NoRxAbuse Kick-off
Safe prescribing saves lives
Our mission
Drug abuse trends
What is rx drug abuse?
Slide Number 7
Us rx overdose deaths
Slide Number 9
magnitude of rx ABUSE
Paths to rx drug abuse
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Role of our coalition
Call to action
CHCF grant
Join our coalition
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Rx OpiatesIn Shasta County
Slide Number 21
Opiates are a new epidemic
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US Drug Related Deaths
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Opioid Prescriptions per 1,000 residents, 2013
Slide Number 30
Opioid Related ER Visits, Shasta Co, 2008-2013
Slide Number 32
Opioid Related Hospitalizations, Shasta Co, 2008-2013
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Changing Face of Heroin Use in U.S.
What’s happening now…
What’s happening now (continued)…
Main points re Rx opiates and heroin
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Managing Pain Safely:  Progress on Reducing Opioid Overuse in the PHC Service Area
Accomplishments:Review of PHC Opioid Prescription Data
MPS Data – Total Prescriptions
MPS Data – Initial Prescriptions
MPS Data – Unsafe Dose
Percent Decrease of Unsafe Dose
Accomplishments:Health Plan Activities
MPS Workgroups
Accomplishments:Community Coalitions
PHC Counties Participating in CHCF Regional Opioid Safety Coalition Grant Program
Community Coalition Status
Accomplishments:Primary Care Providers
Progress Towards Goal
Managing Pain Safely – Aim Statement
Achieving Our Goal: IHealth Plan Activities for 2016
Looking Ahead in 2016:  Health Plan Activities
Achieving Our Goal: IIState Wide Activities
Looking Ahead in 2016:  State Wide Activities
Achieving Our Goal: IIIPrescriber Activities
Looking Ahead in 2016:  Prescriber Activities
Chronic pain management in family practice
Pharmacist's perspective on Chronic Pain Management
Corresponding Responsibility
The community pharmacist's perpetual awkward position
Prescriber-pharmacist relationship
Pharmacist-patient relationship
Pharmacist-Pharmacy relationship
Pharmacist-regulator relationship
Pharmacy Quantity Restrictions
A pharmacist's determining factors in narcotic Rx acceptance
Rx Drug abuse and the Workplace
Driving under the influence of Prescription drugs
Inaction is no longer an option
Law enforcement perspectiveon abuse of prescription drugs
Call to Action
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NoRxAbuse Kick-off
Safe Prescribing Saves Lives

February 4, 2016

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 Sign-in sheets

 Action team sign-up

 Restroom locations

 Electronic devices

 Begin and end on time

 Presentation Material Online:

Page 43

What’s happening now (continued)…
Shasta HHSA active participant on the No Rx Abuse coalition, and
helped secure grant funding

NO Rx Abuse applied for and will receive 50 naloxone autoinjectors
(~$700 retail each)

HHSA has opiate treatment programs for all ages and contracts with
AOD service providers

Upcoming medication assisted treatment trainings (eg Suboxone) for
law enforcement, public and medical providers

Page 44

 Rx opiates and heroin both

 Evidence -- Rx opiates significant local issue

 To decrease heroin here, decrease Rx opiate abuse

 Other substances, polypharmacy (eg alcohol, meth, marijuana)

 Prevention

 Treatment

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