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about such topics after the girl’s committed (Decision from F.R.E.D.). Also, don’t go
too deep. As you’re having such deep conversations, still make fun of her now and
then to keep it interesting. You don’t turn down the value completely and go comfort

For a girl to come home with you, the perfect phrase is basically: “We’re going
somewhere lovely, that you will love. And if you don’t, well then you can always
leave. It doesn’t really matter either way because I’m having a good time, and
that’s all that really matters right.”
- “We’re going somewhere lovely, that you will love”: We’re going somewhere
- “And if you don’t, well then you can always leave”: Meaning that it’s not a big
commitment, not a hassle, you can always get out of it. You don’t sell how amazing
it is, you sell that it’s not a big commitment. Analogy: A lot of people will see a
product that seems amazing, but they won’t buy it because it seems too amazing to
be believable. But they will buy something when there’s a money-back guarantee.
You don’t have to sell yourself, because at that point that upside is already there,
they already like you. What you have to sell is the lack of downsides, that it’s not a
big risk.
- “It doesn’t really matter either way because I’m having a good time, and that’s all
that really matters right.”: I’m not in this to get laid, though if it happens that’s
great. Nor am I in this to get something from you or to use you. I’m having a good
time right now. It’s all about the experience. It should be about the experience for
you because it’s about the experience for her. That makes it safe and relatable.

Physical connection

This is absolutely essential. “You’re going to have touch her and pull your dick out
at some point” as they say in RSD. You should constantly be pinging and moving
forward with physical escalation. However, it shouldn’t be needy, obvious and
aggressive. That’s where “2 steps forward, 1 step back” comes into play again. Push
to the point of a little bit of discomfort, and then chill it out, back off for a bit, after
which you try again. Also, remember the part about making a move in a way that it
doesn’t force a ‘hard no’. If she doesn’t accept it, it should not be a big negative. So
constantly, relentlessly push forward, but not in a way that it can hurt the

So those are the phases of a successful pick-up: Open, Hook, Emotional Connection,
Physical Connection, Close. Remember, the Close is the objective. So everything
you do in all the other phases should be geared towards the close, not geared
towards getting through that phase or getting to the next phase. For example, if you
do things to hook a girl that are going to make her distrust you to a degree that you
won’t be able to build comfort later, you’ll make it very hard

r yourself to get to the close. Managing to get an emotional connection so that a girl
feels close to you, while destroying your value in the process, you won’t get her to
chase you and participating. Later in the interaction you’ll be pushing and she’ll be

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