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Alchemist's Lab
Dark Temple
Torture Chamber
Entrance Room
Fountain Room
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Dungeon Rooms Vol. I is the first accessory of the new product line “Master Accessories,” featuring the amazing battlemaps
by Ø1 Games.

This accessory contains some of the most common dungeon rooms like the Dark Temple, the Alchemist’s lab, the Crypt, the Ar-
mory and more!

Each map shows a dungeon room from a top-down perspective with stunning lightning effects and superb 3D-rendered objects.
You can easily print out these maps and place your favorite miniatures on them. Highly detailed, these maps add flavor and facilitate
tactical movements while running combat encounters. A one-inch square grid is drawn on each map but blended in perfectly with
the environment.

Each map is printable on a single sheet of paper, except for one map (the Dark Temple) that comes divided in two sheets. You can
print out the map you need in full color, or choose its grayscale-optimized version if you do not want to consume too much ink.

Even if you decide to print them in color, these battlemaps will be always more cost-effective than a printed version, as you can print
out just what you need... even multiples of your favorite ones.

Get Inspired
These maps are so detailed that simply looking at them can give thousand of ideas for your own games. Why does a blade of yellow
light filters through the alchemist’s lab door? Who are these grim looking statues in the Dark Temple of, or who left that blood-
spattered axe on the altar? You know the answer, and your players will soon discover it.

Be Descriptive
Even if you do not use the battlemaps for combat, their amazing detail will assist you in room descriptions. Looking at the map
while describing the room to the players becomes easier than read plain text. You could look at the preview map of the Crypt and

“The shadows of the rusty iron bars stretch across the dirty stone floor of the crypt. White human bones scattered on the ground are
visible next to standing brass braziers. Four niches are along the walls; remains of more bodies are visible there. Cracked steps lead
to a raised platform where a sarcophagus stands in peace. Four high candleholders produce an eerie light on the four corners of the
coffin. On the lid there a deeply engraved sword...”

Build Your Own Dungeon
You can assemble a dungeon using the battlemaps, connecting them with dark hallways and dangerous corridors and finally fill
them with hideous critters of your choice. The players will enjoy the battle in your custom built dungeon. More of these supple-
ments are planned, and in no time you will be able to build any dungeon you desire.

r o l e p l a y i n g

[email protected]Ø

Product Code: MAC01. First edition 11/2002
Room Design: Mario Barbati
English Editor/Proofreader: Richard deMorris
3D Modeling: Guido Barbati
Texture Mapping: O’Bully
Graphics: O’Bully

All of the content of this book is © by Øone Roleplaying
Games. The reproduction or retransmission of any part of
this book, without written permission of the copyright holder
is expressly forbidden, except for the purpose of reviews.
Permission is granted to print this book for personal use only.

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Dungeon Rooms Vol. I
“Master Accessories,”

Ø1 Games

The Crypt, The Alchemist’s Lab, The Armory, The
Dark Temple, The Torture Chamber, The Entrance Room,
The Fountain Room, The Library.

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