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I have always loved to read. I love it so much that it has influenced my future

career choice and the layout of my home—I have a whole room in my small apartment

dedicated to my reading habit with three full bookshelves in addition to boxes of books

scattered about and piled in the closet. I even spent a good portion of my honeymoon in

a cabana curled up under the Mexican sun with Wilkie Collins’ novel The Woman in

White. I was fortunate as a child that my parents considered reading to be important.

They would spend hours reading books with me, make frequent trips to the library, and

while I was still in elementary school, my dad would even have me read his college

textbooks to him as he would lay on the couch listening with his eyes closed. I have

always known that not everyone liked to read as much as I do. As I grew older, I even

came to understand that reading is not even considered to be “cool.” However, it was not

until taking Education 352 that I understood that reading has to be taught, even at the

high school level because many students still struggle and lack proficient reading skills.

Students must be inspired to read and taught the skills necessary to succeed in my

classroom which will have a strong focus on reading and writing. This can be done by

using attention getters such as interviews, discrepant events and intriguing questions, and

visual displays; read alouds that enrich the content; writing to learn strategies such as

journaling, admit slips, and found poems; and by using graphic organizers to help

students take notes, brainstorm, and organize information. These teaching techniques

will not only help students become excited about a task, but they will help students

engage with the content at a deeper level and understand exactly what is being asked of

them. One way that I used some of these techniques in my unit was in my eulogy lesson.

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