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An Essay by Harold Bloom
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Page 2

Romeo and Juliet

William Shakespeare

Fully annotated,with an Introduction, by Burton Ra� el

With an essay by Harold Bloom

t h e a n n otat e d s h a k e s p e a r e

Burton Raffel,General Editor

Yale University Press • New Haven and London

Page 124

Benvolio An I were so apt23 to quarrel as thou art, any man
should buy the fee simple24 of my life for an hour and a

Mercutio The fee simple? O simple!26

enter Tybalt and others

Benvolio By my head,here come the Capulets.
Mercutio By my heel,27 I care not.
Tybalt (to other Capulets) Follow me close, for I will speak to

Gentlemen, good den.A word with one of you.

Mercutio And but one word with one of us? Couple it with
something,make it a word and a blow.

Tybalt You shall find me apt enough to that, sir, an you will
give me occasion.

Mercutio Could you not take some occasion without giving?28

Tybalt Mercutio, thou consortest29 with Romeo.
Mercutio Consort? What, dost thou make us minstrels?30 An

thou make minstrels of us, look to hear nothing but
discords.31 (indicates his sword ) Here’s my fiddlestick,32 here’s

act 3 • scene 1






23 ready, prepared, prompt*
24 fee simple � complete and unconditional ownership (usually of land)
25 for an hour and a quarter � for the brief period my life,were I that

quarrelsome, could be expected to last
26 O simple! � what an awful/pitiful metaphor
27 foot (scornful)
28 without giving � without being given one
29 associate, keep company
30 musicians
31 dissonances, quarrels
32 fiddlestick � violin bow

Page 125

that33 shall make you dance.Zounds,34 consort!
Benvolio We talk here in the public haunt35 of men.

Either withdraw unto some private place
And reason coldly36 of your grievances,
Or else depart.Here all eyes gaze on us.

Mercutio Men’s eyes were made to look, and let them gaze.
I will not budge for no37 man’s pleasure.

enter Romeo

Tybalt Well, peace be with you, sir.Here comes my man.38

Mercutio But I’ll be hanged,39 sir, if he wear40 your livery.
Marry, go before to field,41 he’ll be your follower.42

Your worship43 in that sense may call him man.
Tybalt Romeo, the love I bear thee can afford44

No better term than this: thou art a villain.
Romeo Tybalt, the reason that I have to love thee

Doth much excuse the appertaining45 rage
To such a greeting.Villain am I none.
Therefore farewell. I see thou knowest me not.

act 3 • scene 1





33 that which
34 God’s wounds (imprecation)
35 place
36 reason coldly � discuss/converse/argue calmly
37 any
38 (1) the man I’m looking for, (2) servant
39 I’ll be hanged � I’ll be damned
40 wears
41 go before to field � if you lead the way to the dueling field
42 be your follower � (1) he’ll follow you, (2) then he’ll be your “servant” (do

the courteous thing)
43 your worship � a gentleman/man of high honor like you (sarcastic)
44 supply, furnish (since he in fact feels no love for Romeo)
45 proper, appropriate

Page 248


f i n d i n g l i st

Repeated unfamiliar words and meanings, alphabetically arranged,with
act, scene, and footnote number of first occurrence

’a 1.3.38
about 1.1.118
adventure 2.2.56
affections 1.1.132
against 3.4.16
an 1.1.28
anon 1.4.102
apt 3.1.23
aqua vitae 3.2.60
art 2.4.90
attend 1.prologue.23
bandy 2.5.12
beshrew 2.5.24
brief 3.2.37
but 1.1.69
chide 2.3.76
conceit 2.6.27

counsel 1.1.146
course 1.4.136
cousin 1.1.163
crave 1.5.109
cull 4.3.5
dear 2.2.30
defy 5.1.19
desperate 1.2.45
devise 2.4.148
doom 3.1.87
draw 1.1.29
dry beat 3.1.54
else 1.1.193
envious 1.1.153
ere 1.1.113
fain 2.2.57
fair 1.prologue.3

Page 249


fearful 1.prologue.18
feast 1.2.14
fond 2.2.66
gentle 1.1.167
God den 1.2.53
hold 1.5.59
honest 1.5.122
humor 1.1.137
livery 2.2.4
look to 1.5.7
maid 1.3.58
mark 2.4.145
marry 1.1.53
matter 1.3.7
means 1.1.149
measure 1.4.16
morrow 1.1.162
moved 1.1.30
naught 1.prologue.21
ne’er 1.2.71
office 4.5.50
parts 3.3.2
perforce 1.5.83
passing 1.1.232
present 4.1.41

presently 4.1.33
put from 3.5.60
remedy 3.5.151
rough 1.1.169
rude 1.4.31
ruled 1.1.227
saucy 1.5.75
seeming 1.1.178
sirrah 1.2.32
slave 1.1.35
stay 1.2.35
steal 1.1.129
still 1.1.38
straight 1.3.86
substance 1.4.119
taken 3.1.88
true 2.2.69
very 1.3.62
villain 1.1.80
want 2.2.101
warrant 1.3.45
watch 3.3.83
weraday 3.2.31
wherefore 1.5.60
wit(s) 1.1.211

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