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                            I. Player Introduction
II. Game Rules
III. Skills and Characters
V. Mecha and Equipment
	5.3 Mecha
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Star Wars 2nd Ed. Conversion

© Will Serwetman, 2008
v1.2 March 22, 2008

I. Player Introduction
The Year is 2036 and humanity is on the brink of extinction.
Two years ago, a mysterious alien race known as the Invid
arrived and attacked without warning. They easily swept aside
the last remnants of the armed forces of Earth, who had been
shattered fighting recent wars defending the planet from the
previous invasions of the Zentraedi and the Robotech Masters.
In the time since their arrival the Invid have built monstrous
hive-like structures around the world and crushed all organized
resistance to their rule In some areas they have slaughtered
humans indiscriminately or enslaved them, while in others they
have enlisted human collaborators to maintain control. In those
areas left relatively untouched by the Invid anarchy and tribal
warfare reign. By all appearances, the war is over and humanity
has lost.

But some hope yet remains. Scattered groups of resistance
fighters continue the struggle against the Invid with whatever
weapons they can scavenge. And on the far side of the galaxy,
the legions of the Robotech Expeditionary Force under the
command of Admiral Hunter have finally defeated their foes and
now plan to return home to Earth in a series of waves. These

battle-hardened veterans many of them too young to remember the Earth, will fight to the last to
purge the Invid from their home planet!

II. Game Rules
The rules for this campaign are based on Star
Wars, 2nd edition, published by West End Games.
These rules have been selected because of their
simplicity, flexibility, and clever treatment of
combat at disparate scales. I find that this system
captures the feel of the original cartoon series and
comics much better than the rules published as the
official Robotech Roleplaying Game by
Palladium Books, although those books have
provided indispensable source material for the
preparation of this campaign.


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Old Timer
Character Name:
Sex: Age: Height:

Hair: Eyes: Skin:
Background: You are a veteran of one or
more of the previous Robotech wars. Your
hands have gotten shakier, but you still
remember your training and have dusted off
your old gear. You may be old, but you’ve
still got plenty of fight left in you. And
besides, better to die on your feet fighting
for your people than in bed.

Objectives: To keep the fight going so that the sacrifices of your old comrades won’t be in vain.

Quote: Get off my lawn! And my planet!

Dodge Command
Energy Weapons Con
Firearms Gambling
Melee Combat Persuasion
Parry Search

Bureaucracy Brawling
Value Climbing/Jumping
Willpower Stamina
Xenology: (_________) Swimming

Communications Armor Repair
Driving Computers
Mecha Gunnery Demolitions
Pilot Mecha Energy Weapon Repair
Pilot Aircraft First Aid
Pilot Spacecraft Mecha Repair
Sensors Vehicle Repair
Vehicle Gunnery

Equipment: body armor of choice, energy weapon of choice, firearm of choice, 2 frag grenades,
old-fashioned uniform, bottle of cheap whiskey. $500.


Move: 8
Character Points: 5
 Wounded
 Incapacitated
 Mortally Wounded

Page 76

4. Hammerhead multi-missile system. The BIMMS uses four quintuple launchers for short
range Hammerhead missiles. The quintuple Hammerhead launch racks are located in the port
and starboard forward fuselage (the 'shoulders' of the mecha) behind the flip up aerodynamic
Arc: 360º, payload: 60 Hammerhead short range missiles, min. range: 10m, max. range: 8km,
scale: mecha, targeting skill: 9D, Damage: 8D, maximum volley: 20)

5. two Coralsnake missile launchers. The quadruple Coralsnake
launch racks are located behind the quintuple Hammerhead racks, and
pop up to fire over the Hammerhead launch tubes.
Arc: 360º, payload: 20 Coralsnake medium range missiles, min.
range: 50m, max. range: 40km, scale: mecha, targeting skill: 9D,
Damage: 11D, maximum volley: 20)

6. (fighter only) Internal bomb bay with two side ordnance ejection doors which can contain:
4 x Derringer long range missiles
Arc: 360º, payload: 20 Derringer long range missiles, min. range: 100m, max. range:

130km, scale: capital, targeting skill: 8D, Damage: 6D, maximum volley: 4)
or 16 x 250 kg laser-guided HE bombs

Scale: mecha. Skill: mecha gunnery. Ranges: 50-150/400/800, Scatter Modifier: x10,
Blast Radius: 0-10/20/30/40, Damage: 8D/5D/4D/3D, Ammo: 16
Special: scatter like grenade on a miss.

or 8 x 500 kg cluster bombs
Scale: cyclone. Skill: mecha gunnery. Ranges: 50-100/300/600, Scatter Modifier: x15,
Blast Radius: 0-15/30/60/100, Damage: 6D/4D/3D/2D, Ammo: 8
Special: scatter like grenade on a miss.

or 4 x 1000 kg Armor Piercing self-guided glide bombs
Scale: capital Skill: mecha gunnery. Ranges: 50-150/400/800, Scatter Modifier: x20,
Blast Radius: 0-5/10/20/30, Damage: 8D/4D/3D/2D, Ammo: 4
Special: scatter like grenade on a miss.

NOTE: if empty, this bomb bay can be used to store additional cargo.

7. External hardpoints on wings (optional)
12x additional hammerhead missiles
or 12x 250kg bombs
or 4x Derringer missiles


Page 77


Advanced Skills 21
Aiming 9
Alpha Fighter 67-68
Ambush 11
Armor 8, 53-54
Armor Damage 8
Attributes 21
Beta Fighter 69-71
Blast Radius 6
Burst Fire 10
Brawling 26
Brawling Weapons 52
Called Shots 10
Character Points 4, 29
Character Templates 29-41
Climbing 26
Collisions 17
Combat Modifiers 9-11
Concealment 25
Cover 10
Critical Failure 4
Critical Success 4
Cyclone Mecha 63-66
Damage 7, 18
Darkness 10
Declarations 4-5
Defensive Skills 6,7,21,22
Die Cap 14-15
Difficulty 3
Dodge 6, 21-22
Drawing Weapons 11
Drowning 27
ECM 61
Energy Weapons 42-44
Experience 29
Falling Damage 13, 20
Fire Control 19
Firearms 47-50
First Aid 13, 28
Free Actions 4
Full Defense 6, 7
Full Use 6, 7

Grappling 26
Grenades 6, 51
Grenade Scatter 6
Half Movement 10, 12
Healing 13-14
Helmets 54
Hitting 5-6
Hit Location 8
Horse Riding 24
Horses 58
Initiative 4
Injury 7
Jet Packs 56
Jumping 26
Machineguns 49-50
Maneuverability 19
Maneuvers 16
Max ROF 9
Mecha 62-71
Mecha Combat 16-20
Mecha Parry 19
Mecha Damage 18
Mecha Dodge 19
Mecha Movement 16-17
Mecha Mode Changes20
Medpacs 13, 57
Melee Combat 22
Melee Weapons 52
Mishaps 4
Missiles 20
Modifiers 9-11
Movement 11-13
Movement Failures 12-13
Multiple Actions 9
Natural Healing 13
Normal Movement 10, 12
Normal Use 6, 7
Opposed Skill Checks4
Parry 6, 22
Passenger Damage 17
Pips 29
Pistols 47

Point Defense Fire 20
Preparation 9
Prone 10
Ramming 19-20
Range 5
Rate of fire 9
Reach 11
Repairs 27, 28
Rifles 48-49
Rounds 4-5
Rushing 9
Scales 14-15
Scatter Die 6
Scatter Distance 6
Sensors 25
Shields (archaic) 58
Shotguns 50
Skills 3, 21-28
Skill Tests 3
Smoke 10
Specialization 21
Stun Damage 8
Support Weapons 44-46
Suppressive Fire 10-11
Surprise 11
Sustained Fire 10
Survival 23
Swimming 27
Templates 29-41
Terrain 12
Transformations 20
Thrown Weapons 52
Vehicles 58-62
Vehicle Combat 16-20
Vehicle Damage 18
Vehicle Dodges 19
Vehicle Movement 16-17
Vehicle Upgrades 60-62
Wild Die 4
Wounds 7


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