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Rizal in Brunn

19 May 1887
Rizal bade goodbye to Prof. Dr. Willkomn, State Adviser in Brunn. The lovable daughter of the professor reproached Rizal
for not having told them of his artistic and poetic talents which they read in Bohemia, a newspaper published in Prague.
They left Brunn this day.

Rizal in Berlin, Germany

1 November 1886
At 1:25 P.M., Rizal arrived at Berlin and boarded at the Central Hotel.

2 November 1886
Rizal wrote a letter to his friend Pastor Karl Ullmer informing the latter of his arrival at the big German capital the day
before. He wrote: "Remembrances to your loving wife, Eta and to Friedrich."

4 November 1886
In a letter he informed Prof. Blumentritt about his meeting with Dr. A.B. Meyer last October 31 in Dresden. He was already
residing at Jaeger Straesse 71,111.

9 November 1886
He was admitted to the Real Biblioteca de Berlin to do some research and to read other books. His admission ended on
March 1,1887.

22 November 1886
In a letter, he informed Pro. Blumentritt that he had already sent to his nephews in the Philippines the tragedies of Schiller
and the stories of anderson, which he translated into Tagalog.

27 November 1886
He made a small outline of the Teruray, dialect of the binhabitants of the Western coast of Mindanao,which he later sent to
Prof. Blumentritt.

11 December 1886
Maximo Viola joined Rizal in Berlin. Rizal was not able to meet Viola at the station because the former was sick.

12 December 1886
Early in the morning Rizal visited Viola at the Central Hotel. They took breakfast together I the restaurant below then

15 December 1886
He started teaching Viola the German language.

23 December 1886
He started dreaming of his mother.

24 December 1886
Rizal was high spirit although he just recovered from sickness. He was very happy to be with Maximo Viola. He finished
translating one third of the book Waitz.

25 December 1886
Rizal wrote his mother: "It is three times now that I constantly dream you and sometimes the dreaam repeats itself in a
single night. I would not like to superstitious even if the Bible and the Gospel believe dreams, but I like to believe that you
are thinking constantly me and this makes my mind reproduce what goes on in you for after all my brain is a part of yours,
and this is not stran because while I am asleep here, you are awake there."

27 December 1886
He was required by the German police to provide himself with the necessary passports or the risk of being expelled from
German soil after three weeks.

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