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m^ Aim \ ^
%^^^mtk |K! '3.^ ^^^


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Leap Through

Did you know you can jump right through a
sheet of paper?

Fold a piece of paper
and make cuts as close
to the edge of the
paper as possible, like
this. Don't cut all the

way through.

Turn the paper over
and cut between the
original cuts, cutting as

close to the fold as

possible. Be sure to
skip over the first and
last end cuts. % ^

i^ TT k

Carefully unfold

the paper. Cut along
the crease between
the first and last slits,
as shown. Notice that
you don't cut the
paper at the top or
the bottom.




Page 35

Nowslowly spread
it open, and jump
right through!

Using the same
method, you can stick
your head through a
business card or

march your school
band through a


A%you've just seen, you can make even the most ordinary
objects interesting. The more interesting something is —liice a
skiii —the easier it is to learn.
Do you like baseball, but hate math? Then chances are you'll
have an easier time learning baseball than learning math.

But it's possible to learn mathematics better —by using
baseball! You can improve your math skills by figuring batting
averages, league standings, speeds offastballs, and better
batting orders.

Why?Because learning is easier if you make it interesting.


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U.S. $2.99
CAN. $3.70
with GST »P»J-^-3

Want to be the talk of the town? It's easy! Just dive
into the zany skills in this book and before long

you'll be amazing your friends with the wackiest tricks

they've ever heard of, like:

• Floating Arms

• Spoon Hanging

• The Disappearing Leg

• Ghost Pencils

• Hole In Your Hand

• Arm Shrinking

• Mystery In The Middle

• Mismatched Fingers

And those are just for starters!

You'll find thirty totally useless skills, easy instructions

with fun illustrations, little secrets, odd bits of
information . . . even a diploma in the back of the book!

So go ahead. Have some fun. Develop some . .



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