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16 July 2016

Via Email: [email protected] to be forwarded

President Sir Craig Reedie
World Anti-Doping Agency
Stock Exchange Tower
800 Place Victoria (Suite 1700)
Montréal, QC H4Z 1B7
Re: Report to the President of WADA by the Independent Person

Dear President Reedie:

I, as the Independent Person, have completed the enclosed Report, dated 16 July 2016,
which is submitted to you pursuant to the Terms of Reference that established the
Independent Investigation. This Report fulfills partially the mandate of the
Independent Person. I appreciate having had the opportunity to be of service.

Yours truly,

Richard H. McLaren
IP in Sochi Investigation

[email protected]

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18 July 2016

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3.4 Forensic Testing of the 37 Samples

Dr. Rodchenkov has provided a schedule of the 37 samples described above to

the IP. The IP has checked the authenticity of the schedule and is satisfied that it

is a contemporaneous document. The sample numbers have also been cross-

checked against digital communications in the IP’s possession. The IP

investigation found a 28 of the 37 of the total samples in the database under the

IP’s control were directly related to SAVE orders from Liaison person

Velikodniy. A review the IP conducted in ADAMS found that all were reported

as negative findings. This corroborates Dr. Rodchenkov’s evidence that the 37

samples were covered up with the sample swapping methodology discussed in

Chapter 5 in connection with the Sochi Games.

The IP investigative staff arranged for a forensic examination of the samples, of

which a total of 26 were found in the Lausanne laboratory and transported under

secure chain of custody conditions to London, UK at the Kings College Doping

Control Centre (“DCC”).

The 26 Moscow B bottles were examined by a “scratches and marks” expert with

over 20 years’ experience engaged by a highly respected international testing

organisation. This involved microscopic examination of B bottles from the

Moscow Laboratory. The expert was also requested to establish whether caps

could be removed from sealed bottles without apparent signs of tampering.

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Further analytical tests on the related A bottle contents were undertaken by the

DCC for DNA, salt content, creatinine and steroid profile. As previously noted,

Dr. Rodchenkov’s evidence was that salt was sometimes added to the clean

replacement urine where necessary to raise the SG of the sample to be consistent

with the SG reported on the initial DCF.

The IP was presented with compelling evidence from this forensic and analytical

examination which corroborates important parts of Dr. Rodchenkov’s evidence

as follows:

1. The scratches and marks expert advised that he was able to remove the

cap from a sealed bottle leaving some minor scratches and marks that

were not visible to the untrained eye, but which could be clearly seen

under microscopic examination. The IP was given a graphic personal

demonstration of the work of the expert.

2. The expert was asked to examine half of the batch of 26 sample bottles.

Included in the 13 for testing was one of the bottles that Dr. Rodchenkov

advised had not been opened. The expert was not told the number of the

non-opened bottle.

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Much depends on the IAAF. They cannot accept ragged disqualification schedule
of walkers as proposed RUSADA. Although this is a small thing. Leadership of
the IAAF will be replaced during the World Championship in Beijing in August
2015, Lord Sebastian Coe will replace Diack, and it is the Anglo-Saxon tradition
that the whole resolute French speaking gang disperses. Already now it is
necessary to provide a solid candidate for the IAAF from Russia, as Balahnichev
is impassable and compromised himself all along the line. The new candidate
must be completely distanced from Balahnichev (VB Zelichenok on this indicator
does not pass).

The main thing – is that the IAAF does not initiate reanalysis of old samples.
After receiving the first positive results, they will not be able to stop, under
public pressure, and WADA will make them all now be analyzed samples of
Russian athletes. To prevent this, it is necessary to skillfully work with the staff,
starting with Thomas Bach and David Homan and ending Marcel Sozhi and
Thomas Capdevielle. If the IAAF reassures WADA for its Independent
Commission (must complete the investigation until 31 December 2015) nothing
alone will not do, no experience, no resources. More precisely, the experience is
negative - WADA commission lost the hearing with FSUE ADC and
Rodchenkova in Johannesburg in November 2013.

How to prepare for Rio - should be balanced with a full discussion of
revaluations of the situation and taking into account all the risks. Stepanov and
Rusanov, the main witnesses against Russia, continue to collect and organize
information. They have informants in RUSADA (a lot of laid-off and offended,
but continue to communicate with the rest) and in the national team.

Another figure to be somehow brought to life, is , manager of
Lilia Shobukhova. It was he who blew the scandal with money and unleashed
Igor Shobukhova (he was not aware of the contract) Melnikov and Balahnichev,
Shobukhov all told counsel and information left. is still the
manager of Russian runners! Russian athletes are at a centralized training, spent
budget funds, are supported in DSP, and in the field - and act on commercial
runs in the profit of the . He
supplies anabolic steroids (learned from Kulichenko) and personally to blame for
the disqualification Lyubov Denisova. He collects information and must be
excluded from working with Russian runner.

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The same situation is uncontrollable in weightlifting. Promise to three
Olympic gold medals (the same as it was before the Beijing and London, but
there was no gold ..). The use of anabolic steroids is almost year-round, these
all bad steroid passports. Leverage on weightlifting no. Once the pre-Olympic
collectors earn PWC / GQS samples - suddenly the whole team, both male and
female, will be destroyed.

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