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                            Return to White Plume Mountain
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Designer: Bruce R. Cordell
Editor: Penny Williams

Creative Director: Ed Stark
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Typography: Eric Haddock

Graphic Design: Matt Adelsperger
Art Director: Dawn Murin

Based on the original DUNGEONS & [email protected] rules created by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson.

Playtesters: Andis Blija, Jason Carl, Monte Cook, Alex Karls, Athena Petticord, Jon Pickens, John Rateliff, Ed Stark,
Penny Williams, Skip Williams

Historical Development of Keraptis: Erik Mona, Lisa Stevens, Steve Wilson

Resources: Original design of 52: White Plume Mountain by Lawrence Schick. Additional resources include the following:
DUNGEON [email protected] Guide and Player's Handbook by Zeb Cook, MONSTROUS MANUAL?" Tome by numerous authors,
MONSTROUS COMPENDILJ~~ Annual 11, MONSTROUS C O M P E N D ~ Annual IV, The Inner Planes by Monte Cook and
William W. Connors, Requiem by William W. Connors & Lisa Smedman, DM Option: High-Level Campaips by Skip Williams.


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Though he no longer cares about keeping prisoners alive
in the long term, Spatterdock still routinely sends captives
to this chamber for questioning in case they have impor-
tant tactical information. His inquisitor-a corrupt
gynosphinx named Sapho-is well accustomed to asking
difficult questions.

ical compulsion he laid upon her. After his death, she
agreed to serve Spatterdock rather than die at his hands.
Long since corrupted by her role as an inquisitor, the
mangy, bedraggled gynosphinx has become cold and
cruel, though she is still quite fond of riddling. She prom-
ises that if the heroes can answer her question correctly,
she will let them go and not raise the alarm for 1 hour.
Should they attack her, she responds in kind if she judges
them weak; otherwise she attempts to flee and warn Spat-
terdock, using her dispel magic to get past the locked door.

Sapho served the first False Keraptis because of a mag-

Sapho’s Riddle

The beginning of eternity
The end of time and space
The beginning of every end,
And the end of every place.

Answer: the letter ”e.”

In Sapho’s nest are a set of c h i n mail +2, a shield +I, a
potion qf kill giant strength, and a scroll inscribed with magic
missile, lightning bolt, and dispel magic (all at 10th level).

Sapho, gynosphinx (1): AC -1; MV 15, fly 24 (D); HD
8; hp 40; THACO 13; #AT 2 (claw/claw); Dmg 2d4/2d4;
SZ L (7’ tall); ML fanatic (17); Int average (10); AL NE;
XP 3,000.

Spell-like Abilities: l/day-detect magic, read magic, read
languages, detect invisibility, locate object, dispel magic,
clairaudience, clairvoyance, remove curse, legend lore;
1 /week-symbol.

40. Hall Monitor

nst of its Sodv concealed

“Number Nine” is the last remaining member of a
cadre of flesh golems that once guarded this approach. If
the PCs wear the armbands of Spatterdock’s forces or
mention that they wish to meet with “the true Keraptis,”
the golem carefully but silently directs them around the
pit trap (marked with a ”T” on the map).

just to the edge of the trap. Any character who tries to
Should hostilities break out, the golem moves forward

close the distance by the most direct route must make a
successful saving throw vs. paralyzation with a -2 penalty
or fall headlong into pit (see “Pit Traps”). If there are no
opponents in melee range, the golem preferentially attacks
characters in the pit at a +4 bonus to its attack roll because
of its superior position. Sounds of combat rouse the sub-
sumed gnomes in area 41, who arrive 2 rounds later to aid
the golem.

Number Nine, flesh golem (1): AC 4 (bracers ofAC 4);
M V 8; HD 9; hp 40; THACO 11; #AT 2 (fist/fist); Dmg
2d8/2d8; SD immunities; SW fire- and cold-based spells;
SZ L (8’ tall); ML fearless (19); Int semi (4); AL N;
XP 2,000.

Special Abilities: SD-electrical spells heal 1
point/damage die; immune to nonmagical weapons and
all spells except those mentioned here; SW-slozued for 2d6
rounds by fire- and cold-based spells.

41. Another Gathering of Husks
This room has the same contents as area 36, except that
there are twelve subsumed gnomes here. They rouse to aid
the flesh golem in area 40 if combat occurs there; otherwise,
they address any PCs who have tentatively allied with
Spatterdock in unison, saying, “I await you in my sanctum;
please do not tarry here.” Should the heroes attack them,
the False Keraptis responds with channeled spells.

Subsumed gnomes, male and female (12): See
”Appendix: Monster Summary.”

42. Chasm of Boiling Mud

These 4-foot-diameter wooden disks are separated from
one another by 3 feet of open air. The iron chain sup-
porting each one attaches at the center; any weight
placed on the disk’s periphery causes it to tip precipi-
tously, forcing the user to hold onto the chain for sup-
port. Each PC who opts to cross via these disks must
make one successful saving throw vs. paralyzation for
the whole trip, applying either Str bonus for attack rolls
or missile attack adjustment (whichever is better) as a
bonus. A character using climbing skills may add an
additional +3 bonus to the roll. Those who fail their

Page 35

saving throws misjudge a leap between disks at some
point during the crossing; such a character must make a
successful saving throw vs. death magic to grab a chain
or plunge 50 feet into the hot mud.

Barring mishaps, a careful PC can expect to cross the
chasm via the disks in 5 minutes. Using ropes to reduce
the chance of falling increases the crossing time to 10
minutes. Those who try to hurry across using neither
ropes nor special care can reach the other side in
slightly less than 3 minutes, but must make two suc-
cessful saving throws vs. paralyzation instead of one.

Immersion in the boiling mud inflicts 10d6 points of
damage per round. Residual hot mud continues to burn
for ld3 rounds after the victim has left the mud sea,
inflicting an additional ld6 points of damage per

Mud Geysers
The points labeled "A" and "B" on the map mark the
locations of mud geysers. Geyser A erupts once every 5
minutes and Geyser B once every 3 minutes; each sends
a 20-foot-diameter column of mud nearly to the ceiling.
Boiling mud douses anyone within the geyser's area of
effect, inflicting ld6 points of damage. Anyone hit by
the fast-moving mud must make a successful saving
throw vs. death magic, with a bonus equal to his or her
Strength bonus for attack rolls, or fall into the mud sea

Every time a mud geyser spouts, there is a 25%
chance that it flings a mud mummy (a variant of a bog
mummy) up past the disks. This creature grabs onto a
chain during its descent and hangs on for ld2 rounds
before dropping back into the muck-unless it sees
potential prey. Should a PC attempt to bypass a mud
mummy on the disks, it attacks. Only two size M crea-
tures can effectively fight in the vicinity of one disc,
and each must use one hand to hold the chain, which
prohibits the use of shields and two-handed weapons.
Both combatants make attack rolls at -4 penalties, and
each must make a successful saving throw vs. paralyza-
tion (modified by Strength bonus as above) every time
his or her opponent scores a hit to avoid falling into the

Mud mummies (ld4): See "Appendix: Monster Sum-
mary. "

43. Vampire Lair
In the center of this unadorned stone chamber stands a
rusted metal coffin with its lid closed. It is empty, as is
the secret niche in the floor underneath it. This is one of
the vampire Ctenmiir's resting places, but he is here
only 5% of the time-his primary residence is area 45. If
the PCs make any noise in this room (such as moving
the coffin), a voice from the closed door to area 45 calls
out, "Come in here."

44. Final Gathering of Husks


In reality, this chamber has exactly the same contents as
area 41. So as not to offend his own sensibilities, however,
Spatterdock placed an illusion of cleanliness over the filth.

These subsumed gnomes rouse to aid1 Spatterdock in
the adjacent room if combat occurs there. Otherwise,
they ignore PCs who have made a tentative alliance with
Spatterdock, except to say with one voice, "There you
are! I'm through that door; please come in." The sub-
sumed gnomes point toward area 45. Should anyone
attack these gnomes, the hierarchical mind responds
with channeled spells.

Subsumed gnomes, male and female (12): See
"Appendix: Monster Summary."

45. Spatterdock's Study

us esoteric corn

Jatterdock spends 100% of his time in this chamber, and SI
his right-hand man, the vampire Ctenmiir, is with him
95% of the time. As usual, Spatterdock appears as a
halfling. Ctenmiir, who appears human, iJways wears a
huge, black greatcloak, despite the heat. !$patterdock and
Ctenmiir attack anyone who arrives here without having
agreed to an alliance (see "Melee Tactics"'); otherwise they
greet the PCs genially (see "Negotiations").

On the bookshelf are several tomes dealing with magi-
cal theory-three of which are actually worth 10,000 g p
each in the proper market. Save for ten scrolls of K:fire
bundled together, the papers on the writing table and the
charts on the wall are disconnected room diagrams. Some
depict areas that should be familiar to the characters;
others show parts of the lower level. Spatterdock has been
trying to "remember" all the places that Keraptis once
controlled under White Plume, but he has not been able to
assemble all the pieces into a cohesive m,ap. On the other
table are all the items necessary to restock a standard
wizard's spell component pouch.

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