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Monographs on
Pathology of Laboratory Animals

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T.e.Jones V.Mohr R.D.Hunt

With 279 Figures and 20 Tables

Berlin Heidelberg New York Tokyo 1985

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Bronchiolar/Alveolar Carcinoma, Lung, Rat 115

Table 7. Naturally occurring bronchiolar/alveolar tumors in rats

Strain Sex No. Age Tumors' Reference

Adenomas Carcinomas

ACIIN M 55 Life span 0 0 Maekawa and Odashima

ACIIN F 209 Life span 0 0 Maekawa and Odashima

F344 M 2305 24mo 35 (1.5) 18 (0.8) Haseman et al. 1984
F344 F 2354 24mo 20 (0.9) 9 (0.4) Haseman et al. 1984
F344 M 96 Life span 0 0 Jacobs and Huseby 1967
F344 F 102 Life span 0 0 Jacobs and Huseby 1967
F344 M 160 Life span 0 0 Sass et al. 1975
F344 F 192 Life span 0 0 Sass et al. 1975
F344 M 144 Life span 0 0 Coleman et al. 1977
Holtzman-SD M/F 268 24mo 0 0 MacKenzie and Gamer 1973
Oregon M/F 673 24mo 0 1 (0.1) MacKenzie and Gamer 1973
Osbome-Mendel M 50 24mo 0 0 Radomski et al. 1965
Osbome-Mendel F 50 24mo 0 1 (2) Radomski et al. 1965

Osbome-Mendel M 975 24mo 4 (0.4) 5 (0.5) Goodman et al. 1980
Osbome-Mendel F 970 24mo 2 (0.2) 3 (OJ) Goodman et al. 1980
Sherman M 60 24mo 0 0 Kociba et al. 1974
Sherman F 60 24mo 0 0 Kociba et al. 1974
Sprague-Dawley M 179 18mo 1 (0.6) 2 (1.1) Prejean et al. 1973
Sprague-Dawley F 181 18mo 0 1 (0.5) Prejean et al. 1973

Sprague-Dawley M 85 24mo 1 (1.2) 1 (1.2) Kociba et al. 1978
Sprague-Dawley F 86 24mo 0 0 Kociba et al. 1978

Sprague-Dawley HAP M 45 18-38mo 1 (2.2) 1 (2.2) Anver et al. 1982

Sprague-Dawley Crl: M 84 18-38 mo 0 0 Anver et al. 1982

Sprague-Dawley M 655 Life span 2 (0.3)b 2 (O.W Ross and Bras 1965
Wistar M 150 24mo 0 0 Torkelson et al. 1974
Wistar F 139 24mo 0 0 Torkelson et al. 1974

Wistar M 472 30mo 0 1 (0.2) Kroes et al. 1981

Wistar F 457 30mo 0 0 Kroes et al. 1981
Wistar F 290 Life span 0 0 Boorman and Hollander


• Total tumors found (%)
b All tumors found in the 210 animals receiving high-protein diet

Page 126

116 Gary A. Boorman

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noma of the rat lung: a case report. Can J Comp Med
29: 15-17

Page 249

seromucous glands, 91f
type II alveolar cell, 96f
ventral turbinate, 85f
Wistar, 115t, 126t

Rats, chemically induced lung tumors
naturally occurring bronchiolar
alveolar tumors, 115t

Renal adenocarcinoma, lung mouse
metastasis, 145f
transitional cell carcinoma, lung

mouse metastasis, 145f
Reparative phase, sendai virus
infection, 197f

Resolution phase, sendai virus
infection, 200f

Respiratory cilium, human, 92f
disease, murine chronic, 78, 213
epithelia, 6f
epithelium, 6f, 7f, 8f, 9f, 36

syrian golden hamster,
carcinogens, 33

mycoplasmosis, bronchiole murine,
bronchus murine, 216f
chronic murine, 81 f
lung rat, murine, 213
rat, murine, 213f, 214f

mycoplasmosis upper respiratory
tract rat, murine, 78

syncytial virus, RSV, 209
system, upper, 1
tract rat, murine respiratory
mycoplasmosis upper, 78

sialodacryoadenitis virus
infection up, 84

syrian hamster, squamous cell
carcinoma upp, 62

tumor, mucoepidermoid, 39f
Reticulosarcoma lung rat, 131t
RIIl/Dm/Se mouse strain, 148t

mouse metastatic mammary tumor
lung, 140f

strain, 148t
RSV, respiratory syncytial virus, 209

Sarcocystis, 230
Sarcoma, lung mouse metastasis sub-

cutaneous, 141f
Schwannoma, lung mouse metastasis

malignant, 146f
thrombi malignant, 146f

SDAV infection, 84, 210
sialodacryoadenitis virus, 210

Secondary tumors lung, 138
Secretory cell, 26f
Segment, pigmented hair, 187f
Sendai virus infection, 196f, 197f

lung mouse rat, 195
reparative phase, 197f
resolution phase, 200f

Septal mucosa, normal nasal, 79f
olfactory organ, 4f

Septum hamster lung, interalveolar, 96f

Seromucous glands rat trachea, 91f
Serous cell rat bronchial epithelium,

Serum biochemistry

hypophysectomized rat, 169t
Sherman, rat, 115t
Sialodacryoadenitis, 84f, 85f

viral pneumonia, 211f
virus, 86

infection lung mouse, 210
upper respiratory tract, 84

Simple metaplasia, 35
Skin emboli lung, 186

metastasis lung, 150t
particle, lung giant cell granuloma,

thromboarteritis, 193t

particles, lung, 188t
Spironucleus, mouse, 201
Spleen, metastasis lung, 150t
Spp, Leishmania, 227
Sprague-Dawley Cd/COPS/SD, rat,

HAP/SD, rat, 115t
rat, 115t

lesions tail veins lung, 193t
Squamous cell carcinoma, 47, 63f, 64f,

anterior nasal cavity, 56f
lung F344 rat, 129f

hamster, 119f, 132t
rat, 124, 125f, 128f

naturally occurring, 126t
radiation-induced, 127

syrian hamster, 117
nasal cavity rat, 58f

rat, 54, 59t

nasoturbinate rat, 57f
pulmonary vein C57Bl J mouse,

rat lung, 124

mouse hamster man,
comparison, 132t

upper respiratory tract syrian
hamster, 62

papilloma, 33
tumor, 62, 117

cells, malignant, 64f, 65f, 118f
epithelium, dysplastic, 63f
metaplasia, 29f, 30f, 34, 36

alveolar, 199f
lung hamster, 118f

Stage, predifferentiation, 11
Staphylococci, 221
Strain, A mouse, 148t, 148t

AlBrA mouse, 148t
B6C3HFl mouse, 148t
BALB/C/C3H/He mouse, 148t

cfC3H/Cb/Se mouse, 148t
cfC3H mouse, 148t
cfRIII mouse, 148t
cNIV mouse, 148t

C3H/Cb/Se mouse, 148t

Subject Index 239

mouse, 148t
C57BLl6J mouse, 148t
CBA mouse, 148t
Cf-l mouse, 148t
DBA mouse, 148t
OR mouse, 148t
NIH white mouse, 148t
RIII/Dm/Se mouse, 148t

mouse, 148t
Streptobacillus moniliformis, 215, 221
Streptococcus pneumoniae, 215

rat, 201
Structure function lung, 89
Subcutaneous mass, rat, 55f

sarcoma, lung mouse metastasis,

Submaxillary gland virus infection, rat,

Sulfonic acid, HEPES Hydroxyethyl
piperazineethane, 28t

Sulfoxide, DMSO Dimethyl, 28t
Swiss, mice, 106t
Syncytia, bronchiole multiple

epithelial, 196f
Syncytial virus RSV, respiratory, 209
Syrian golden hamster, carcinogens
respiratory epithelium, 33

tracheal epithelium, 11
hamsters, explant cultures fetal
trachea, 27

hamster, clear cell carcinoma larynx,

pleural mesothelioma, 133
radioactive materials, lung tumor,

squamous cell carcinoma lung,

upper respiratory tra, 62

System, upper respiratory, 1

Tachyzoites, toxoplasma, 227
Tail veins bleeding, 188t, 193t

hair thromboarteritis, 188t
vessel, 193t

lung, lesions, 188t
Sprague-Dawley rat, lesions,

periphlebitis, 188t, 193t
phlebitis, 188t
thrombophlebitis hair, 193t

Terreus pleura rat, Aspergillus, 225f
Thrombi malignant schwan noma, lung

mouse, 146f
Thromboarteritis hair particle, lung,

lung, 188t, 193t
skin particle, lung, 193t
tail veins hair, 188t

Thrombophlebitis hair, tail veins, 193t
Thrombotic pulmonary artery, 187f
Thrombus caudal vein male rat, 190f
Tissue rat, normal bronchial lymphoid,

Torulopsis glabrata, Candida, 219,


Page 250

240 Subject Index

Toxicity bleomycin baboon,
pulmonary, 165t

dog, pulmonary, 165t
hamster, pulmonary, 165t
mouse, pulmonary, 165t
pheasant, pulmonary, 165t

Toxoplasma gondii, 227, 229
mouse, 201
tachyzoites, 227

Toxoplasmic pneumonia hamster, 228f
nude mouse, 228f

Toxoplasmosis lung mouse hamster,

transmission, 229
Trachea, 11f

dysplasia, 35f
epithelium rat, 89f
explant culture fetal, 28

hamster, 22f

papillary mucoepidermoid tumor,

hyperplasia, 35f
normal rat, 81f
papillary tumor, 37f
seromucous glands rat, 91f
syrian golden hamsters, explant

cultures fetal, 27
Tracheal epithelial cell Mycoplasma

pulmonis, 82f
epithelium, 13f, 15f, 21f, 24f

hamster, 11f
syrian golden hamster, 11

explant, fetal, 29f

Tract rat, murine respiratory myco-
plasmosis upper respiratory, 78

sialodacryoadenitis virus
infection upper respirat, 84

Transitional cell carcinoma, lung
mouse metastasis renal, 145f

Transmission toxoplasmosis, 229
Trimethoxycinnamaldehyde, 59t
Trimethylaniline, 101 t
Trophozoites, pneumocystis, 222f
Trypanosoma cruzi, 227
Tumor emboli pulmonary artery, lung

mouse mammary, 141f
epidermoid papillary, 33
lung mouse metastasis ovarian

granulosa cell, 144f
RIll mouse metastatic mammary,

mice radioactive materials, lung,


muco-epidermoid papillary, 36f
mucoepidermoid papillary, 33

respiratory, 39f
olfactory region, 51f
polypoid, 33
rat, lung, 131t
squamous cell, 62, 117
syrian hamster radioactive materials,

trachea hamster, papillary

mucoepidermoid, 33f
papillary, 37f

Tumors, differential diagnosis
papillary, 39

F344 rats, chemically induced lung,

lung mouse, metastatic, 138
secondary, 138

mice, frequency pulmonary, 106t
pulmonary metastasis induced,

papillary, 34
rats, naturally occurring bronchiolar
alveolar, 115t

ultrastructure, papillary, 37
Turbinate, ethmoid, 4f

rat, ventral, 85f
Turbinates rat, neoplasms mucosa

Tympanic bulla purulent exudate, 80f
Type B, lung mouse metastatic

mammary adenocarcinoma, 143f
I cell, 14f, 24f, 25f

mucous cells, 22f
II adenoma, 103f

cell, 104f
lung mouse, 102f, 103f, 104f

alveolar cell rat, 96f
cell, 14f, 19f

adenoma, 102
lung mouse, 105f

alveolar, 102
ciliated cell, 16f, 18f
epithelial cell, lung mouse, 163f

Ultrastructure, papillary tumors, 37
Untreated mice, pulmonary metas-
tasis, 148t

Upper respiratory system, 1
tract rat, murine respiratory

mycoplasmosis, 78
sialodacryoadenitis virus

infect, 84
syrian hamster, squamous cell

Urinary bladder, metastasis lung, 150t

Vascular lesion bleomycin, lung
mouse, 161f
system, hair fragment emboli

pulmonary, 186
Vein male rat, thrombus caudal, 190f
Veins bleeding, tail, 188t, 193t

hair thromboarteritis, tail, 188t
vessel, tail, 193t

lung, lesions tail, 188t
Sprague-Dawley, rat, lesions tail,

periphlebitis, tail, 188t, 193t
phlebitis, tail, 188t
thrombophlebitis hair, tail, 193t

VEN N-nitrosovinylethylamine, 28t
Ventral turbinate rat, 85f
Vessel, tail veins hair, 193t
Vessels bleomycin, lung mouse

pulmonary blood, 162f
Viral pneumonia, sialodacryo-

adenitis, 211 f
Virus infection JHV, Japanese

hemagglutinating, 195
lung mouse rat, sendai, 195

sialodacryoadenitis, 210
mouse HVM, hemagglutinating,

parainfluenza, 195
rat submaxillary gland, 84, 210
reparative phase, sendai, 197f
resolution phase, sendai, 200f
sendai, 196f, 197f
upper respiratory tract rat,

sialodacryoadeni, 84
Japan HVJ, hemagglutinating, 195
mice infection lung mouse rat,

pneumonia, 206
pneumonia, 209
PVM, pneumonia, 206
rat lung, pneumonia, 207f

mouse K, 201
pneumonia, 201,206

parainfluenza, 202
pneumonia, 206
RSV, respiratory syncytial, 209
SDA V, sialodacryoadenitis, 210
sialodacryoadenitis, 86

Vomeronasal organ, 4f

White mouse strain, NIH, 148t
Wistar, rat, 115t, 126t

Xylidine, 46t

Yeasts, fungal, 222f

Zygomycosis, 224

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