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Application Note

Distance protection with transformer in protected area
with RelaySimTest

Ana García | [email protected]

Mar 23, 2015

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Distance protection

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This application note describes how to test directional distance protection when it is used as a backup
protection for a power transformer. This test can be carried out in an easy and comfortable way using the
corresponding OMICRON RelaySimTest test template.

RelaySimTest offers simulation based system testing methods. To perform a test, a fault scenario is
calculated based on the simulation of the power system network. The voltages and currents for the relay
location can be used to test the correct behavior of the distance protection when the fault is located before or
after the power transformer.

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General information

OMICRON electronics GmbH including all international branch offices is henceforth referred to as

The product information, specifications, and technical data embodied in this application note represent the
technical status at the time of writing and are subject to change without prior notice.

We have done our best to ensure that the information given in this application note is useful, accurate and
entirely reliable. However, OMICRON does not assume responsibility for any inaccuracies which may be

OMICRON translates this application note from the source language English into a number of other
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All rights including translation reserved. Reproduction of any kind, for example, photocopying, microfilming,
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4 Test cases
Figure 8 shows the Test cases menu. It contains the grid topology (1), the test scenarios (2), the test steps
(3) and the test properties (4). The next sections describe this menus referring to the test template of the
application note.

Figure 8: Test cases Menu

4.1 Application example: Grid topology

The grid topology used in this application example is presented in Figure 9.

Figure 9: Grid topology

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4.2 Suitable test cases

This section describes the tests defined in the corresponding RelaySimTest template.

To keep the template simple, it uses only the following Fault types:

 L1-N
 L2-L3
 L1-L2-L3

Depending on the relay under test, on the relay’s parameters and on the grid where the protection system is
used, it may be necessary to add more fault types.

The Initial state of a fault is inactive to get transients when the fault is applied. To get particularly high fault
currents with DC components the fault inception angle is set to 0°.

Figure 10: Fault with initial state "Inactive"

The RelaySimTest template includes two test cases. One simulates faults before the transformer, in the
overhead line, and the second simulates faults after the transformer, in the cable connected to the
transformer low-voltage side.

In the isolated system at the low-voltage side of the transformer, single L-N faults do not characterize short-
circuits. Therefore they are not added as Test steps.

The nominal trip time of the protection is between 0 and 0,8 s, therefore the simulation time after a fault or
switching event is at least 1,2 s. Hence the protection system has enough time to show its reaction on the

The following sections describe in detail the template test cases.

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9 List of Literature
[1] Getting started with RelaySimTest; OMICRON electronics GmbH; 2014

[2] “Numerical Distance Protection: Principles and Applications”; 4th edition; Gerhard Ziegler; PUBLICIS;

[3] “SIPROTEC Distance Protection 7SA6 V4.70 Manual”, SIEMENS

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