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Table of Contents
                            Task Description
Theoretical Principles
	Systems of Coordinates
	Overview of the Element Types
	Mesh Partitioning
	Plane Elements
	Solid Elements
	Boundary Conditions
Input Description
	Input Records
	ECHO - Control of the Output
	SYST - Global System Parameters
	NODE - Nodal Coordinates and Constraints
	INTE - Intermediate Nodes
	KINE - Kinematic Dependencies
	MESH - Generation of Nodes and Quadrilateral Elements
	IMES - Generation of Irregular Nodes, Quadrilateral Elements
	CUBE - Nodes and Cubic Elements
	TRAN - Transformation of Nodes
	MIRR - Mirroring of Nodes
	ALIN - Node upon a Line (Projection to the Line)
	SECT - Node at Intersection of two Straight Lines
	NORM - Default Design Code
	MAT - General Material Properties
	MATE - Material Properties
	MLAY - Layered Material
	BMAT - Elastic Support / Interface
	NMAT - Non-linear Material
	MEXT - Extra Materialconstants
	CONC - Properties of Concrete
	STEE - Properties of Metals
	TIMB - Properties of Timber
	MASO - Masonry / Brickwork
	SSLA - Stress-Strain Curves
	SVAL - Cross-section values
	SREC - Rectangle, T-beam, Plate
	SCIR - Circular and Annular Sections
	BORE - Bore Profile of a Sondation
	BLAY - Layer of the Soil Strata
	BBAX - Input of Axial Subgrade Parameters
	BBLA - Input of Lateral Subgrade Parameters
	HING - Hinged Connection Combinations for Beams
	GRP - Group Control
	TRUS - Truss-bar Elements
	CABL - Cable Elements
	BEAM - Beam Elements
	ADEF - Beginning of Beam Segment Definition
	BDIV - Input of Beam Segments
	BSEC - Beam Sections
	SUPP - Definition of Support Sections
	QUAD - Plane Elements (Disks / Plates / Shells)
	BRIC - Three-dimensional Solid Elements
	SPRI - Spring Elements
	BOUN - Distributed Elastic Support
	FLEX - General Elastic Element
	DAMP - Damping Elements
	MASS - Concentrated Masses
Output Description
	Nodal Values
	Material Values
	System Statistics
	Cross-sectional Overview
	Group Qualities
	Plane Elements (2-D, QUAD)
	Three-dimensional Solid Elements (3-D, BRIC)
	Boundary Elements
	Geometric Definitions (Bedding Profiles)
	Bending Beams and Piles
	Truss-bar Elements
	Cable Elements
	Angle Plate
	Pointwise Supported Ceiling Plate
	Plane Frame, Restrained in Space
	Shell Structure
	Reinforced Concrete Box
	Calotte Shell
	Examples in the Internet

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