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TitleRainy River lives: stories told by Maggie Wilson
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Table of Contents
Historical Context and Chronology
One: Men and Women
	1. She Got In with Him Again After They Were Widows
	2. Why Didn’t You Take Good Care of Her While I Was Away?
	3. You Can Have Him All to Yourself
	4. He Made Up His Mind to Look After Her
	5. The Wind Took the Canoe Right Across the Lake
Two: Parents and Children
	6. We Will Take You and Love You as Our Very Own Daughter
	7. Her Father Was Sitting with His Head Down with Tears in His Eyes
	8. I’ll Show That Man That Stole My Daughter Away from Me
	9. A Very Young Man Adopted Them for Parents
	10. They Moved On to Different Places
Three: Siblings
	11. Oh, Can’t You Find a Place in Your Heart for Me?
	12. They Made Up Their Mind Not to Let Their Son-in-Law Go
	13. If You Stop Along, I Will Give Youse a Lunch
	14. She Liked Him as a Brother
Four: Women Alone
	15. Cloud Woman, the Fast Runner
	16. Her Dead Grandmother Told Her to Straighten Up
	17. She Was Left There to Starve, but She Was Too Smart for That
	18. Let Them Stay Single All They Want To
	19. Why Do I Have to Die Now When I Have a Man and Children to Live For?
	20. Leave Me Here to Starve Alone
	21. The Old Woman Doctor
	22. She Used to Make All Kinds of Little Things for Her Boy
Five: Friends and Foes
	23. I Have a Pawahgun That Gives Me the Power
	24. It Won’t Be Her That Will Know
	25. I Knew I Could Go There and Bring Home a Man for Myself
	26. He Gave Her a Folded Birch-Bark Map
	27. The Moose Was Wise Enough to Bring the Boy Back
	28. She Knew the Bear Wanted Her to Go Someplace
	29. She Knew That This Woman She Dreamed Was the Bear
	30. I Want to Be Your Pawahgun

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