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TitleRadioactivity Measurements. Principles and Practice
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Som e Othe r Pergamo n Title s of Interes t


M A N N W . B . , A Y R E S R . L . a n d G A R F I N K E L S . B .

Radioactivity and its Measurement

C H O P P I N G . a n d R Y D B E R G J.

Nuclear Chemistry: Theory and Applications

D U R R A N I S . A . a n d B U L L R . K .

Solid State Nuclear Track Detection (Principles, Methods and Applications)

G I B S O N W . M .

The Physics of Nuclear Reactions

M A R C H N .

Self-Consistent Fields in Atoms

T H E W L I S J.

Concise Dictionary of Physics and Related Subjects (2nd edition)

U R S U I.

Physics and Technology of Nuclear Materials


Applied Radiation and Isotopes

Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion

Radiation Physics and Chemistry

Nuclear Medicine and Biology

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